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Conversation Between Vivio Testarossa and Seraph42
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  1. Seraph42
    2008-12-13 16:00
    I wouldnt worry I'm too nice for violence
    Disregard any of my current avatars

    On the other hand Im really good at Chemistry and I know a few pyros who like to blow stuff up

    So don't piss me off!!

    * Pyros are fun to watch though...*
  2. Vivio Testarossa
    2008-12-11 21:42
    Vivio Testarossa

    Um, hi...

    Please keep your rope, and saw away...

    I hope I haven't made Seraph mad...

  3. Vivio Testarossa
    2008-11-26 21:12
    Vivio Testarossa
    Hmm a psycho moeblob avatar? From School Days?
  4. Seraph42
    2008-11-12 23:38
    I don't exactly remember where I got it
    Although I get most of my pix (probably that one as well) from here
  5. Vivio Testarossa
  6. Vivio Testarossa
    2008-09-15 17:17
    Vivio Testarossa
    What an adorable kemonomimi Fate chan avatar.
  7. Seraph42
    2008-09-09 18:41
    Thanks for the Help!
  8. Vivio Testarossa
    2008-09-09 18:15
    Vivio Testarossa
    Something I noticed when you post images on the Nanoha image thread is that you don't seem to use thumbnails (smaller file size, which includes a link to the "full size" picture... Anyway, I case you would like to know how to do so, here is...

    1. Log on to your Photobucket account and find the images which you want to make a thumbnail of.
    2. Click the checkmark at the top of the image(s) you want to make a thumbnail of.
    3. Look for the button labeled "Generate HTML and IMG code".
    4. Copy the the text that appears in the box labeled "IMG clickable thumbnails for message boards - recommended".

    That's all there is to it. I hope this tutorial helps.
  9. Vivio Testarossa
    2008-09-09 03:29
    Vivio Testarossa
    Just looked at that link you gave me... and well... um... I think it it's...unique...
  10. Seraph42
    2008-09-07 20:43
    Your Question about that Picture is: Yes that is Caro (and Fried)

    Here is their web site

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