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Conversation Between HaNa-san and BleachOD
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  1. HaNa-san
    2008-08-19 17:00
    I'm very glad you liked it

    lol orihime strange food is hard to accept XD poor ulq, he didn't know

    I can see a cheerful character from orihime side when she's with ulq which's a good sign for their future relationship we can dream XD
  2. BleachOD
    2008-08-19 13:47
    Fangirl Squee!

    I love it

    It was cute and funny"Soap,Banana ,& Vanilla"

    I love Ulq's expressions. I could see him doing exactly that, without ruining his character.

    Thanks Hana-san.
  3. HaNa-san
    2008-08-19 13:37
    I have finished the ulqhime comic OD XD hope you like it

    page 1

    page 2
  4. HaNa-san
    2008-08-14 20:43
    Wow a long post

    Glad that you noticed my stupid mistake...I corrected it now ><'

    I dunno sai XD coz I still way behind in naruto, but when I'll watch it I'll compare them

    Ulq is so good to be thrown like other characters in the manga..i hope to see more developments of his personality and of building a human heart for him ^^ maybe orihime will be the one who changes his own world

    Lol as for his human gigai XD could it be this

    Ulqhime are great together it's fun for me to draw comics about them too beside ichiruki

    Sure ^^ I'll draw a comic about ulqhime regarding her cooking and I'll dedicate it to you

    It's ok ^^ your opinions means a lot to me dear
  5. BleachOD
    2008-08-14 20:09
    BleachOD would kill me if you thought that. I was hoping it was a typo. However someone posed a question and it was nice and laced with smileys and it was snide.
    Then I told her why I hated Orihime for real. And she believed we are now good.

    That's not your style so I assumed I might have neg repped you and complimented you at the same time. I did that once before by mistake...

    I liked the IchiRukiness. However Ulq was the star of that comic. He was extremely cute. I loved his expressions. The curiosity in face. His frustration and desire to understand. His confusion.... Every expression was done very well (Ichigo and Rukia were really cute too )
    It was all lol and cute. His lines were funny and reminded me of two things. Sai from Naruto Shippudden (The scenes where he is trying to comfort Naruto kills me)and how I'd imagine he'd be with Orihime.(After he betrays Aizen because Aizen is choking her and savagely beating her.)

    I can see him pondering joy, sadness, love, and generosity while looking at her. Wondering how and why she feels that way. I could also see him discovering his own through her. pretending not to like her cooking when he loves it. Hurting her feelings unintentionally than regretting it. Confused when she does nice things for him. I could even see him pondering why she loves Ichigo. Wanting to have that love for himself and not understanding why.

    I can see her becoming more assure of herself. Because she would understand he does not know what it means "being Human". She would then resolve to teach him about the little things; help him to regain his humanity. Eating strange food. Her strange imaginations. I could also imagine him teasing her about her drawings (She really isn't that much different from Rukia) In doing so...she would soon forget about Ichigo. Besides Ulq is a badass. Everyone can't have an Ichigo.*#1;the only one!* She has to face that

    .Wouldn't you love to see him in a human gigai?!

    It's funny. I love IchiRuki, however I like the way KT does it. It's realistic enough. I am not inclined to tamper with it. Until JanninaO7 @ BA. I thought I didn't like IchiRuki fanfics.

    Ulquiorra and Orihime is the stuff romance is built on. Captive falls for Captor , and vise versa. Thanks to Amir and Sidonzo @ BA. I am really starting to believe that's Orihime's resolution!!!

    Can you do a UlquiHime comic with him pretending not to like her cooking?

    I have no talent...I can't. I might write a fan fic.

    I liked all your comics..The cookie fascists just wouldn't let me rep the few I saw.
  6. HaNa-san
    2008-08-14 19:12
    OD dear >_____________________________<'' I mean pos rep @______@ how stupid me to write it so wrongly >____<'' gomena saaaii T^T I mean positive rep T^T don't be upset dear T^T I was impressed ..don't you see the crazy happy smily >< so my post meant to show my gratefulness for your kindness ^^ I'm happy that you liked my comic ^^
  7. BleachOD
    2008-08-14 16:26
    Neg rep? I would never give you a neg rep? I gave you a neg rep? I always say you own. You have not bothered me? I did not. I actually tried to Green rep for a post but I can't because I gave you cookie for Deviant art I repped both you and Chef. When chef posts....All I see is dead users.
  8. HaNa-san
    2008-08-14 12:38
    thanks OD for the pos rep you can post my deviant art link in your website sadly I can't rep you too T^T

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