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Conversation Between HaNa-san and yuuk1
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  1. HaNa-san
    2008-07-15 14:55
    here's a link of an ichiruki amv I did long time ago ^^ hope you like it I just uploaded few days ago.. =>
  2. HaNa-san
    2008-07-15 13:51
    XXD thank you again <333 yeah it's sad when we're being called rabid ichiruki fans from them XD

    haha lol I'm gald you liked the gay rukia XXD..hoho thank god kubo didn't make her boy or else I would have left bleach long time ago

    oh thank you so much for pointing that out <333 I just corrected it

    go go ichiruki you're already canon in our eyes
  3. yuuk1
    2008-07-15 13:35
    hey-hey Hana-san...

    ummm.. I know this may be inappropriate, but knowing that you like being corrected for your grammar, I just wanted to tell you that may be you meant stuff, since staff is a group of people.. ehehe! No offense!!!!
  4. yuuk1
    2008-07-15 12:57
    OMG...! Your "Ruki is gay!" post was too funny....!

    Most popular gay anime couple!!! XD
  5. yuuk1
    2008-07-14 19:42
    aww, no biggie!!! And we're like, online friends, I don't mind!

    I love your posts too! They make MUCH MORE sense than *some* rabid Inoue fans!! (Don't wanna name names, but I'm pretty sure it's obvious heehee...!)
  6. HaNa-san
    2008-07-14 14:06
    thank you for defending me in the debate thread I appreciate it ^^ your posts rock, I always enjoy reading them <333
  7. HaNa-san
    2008-07-08 12:56
    XXXD thank you so much ^^ I appreciate your opinion about it coz I wrote it from the bottom of my heart
  8. yuuk1
    2008-07-08 09:53
    You last post was great!!!
  9. HaNa-san
    2008-07-07 07:35
    ah I see ^^ I thought i know you from ichiruki fc there ..but good to hear that you already have signed up ^^
  10. yuuk1
    2008-07-05 17:20
    Hey Hana-san!

    Um for the BA thing, I just signed in the other day I think, but I have not yet posted anything there though!

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