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Conversation Between Lucifer-Angel and Amirali
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  1. Lucifer-Angel
    2009-03-12 09:01
    Yea, the only place I'm in is probably the IchiHime FC or other FCs. The manga threads are filled with endless whines, especially where Orihime's concerned. I am the type of fan that doesn't give too much shit into what people hate - like you, we have more things to get into

    The FCs are rather lighthearted, (does help that we have people like Kakashi who tells us about his Orihime fantasies every now and then), which is why I still post.

    When I'm stressed, forums aren't the places to get all riled up

    What about you? Still into Bleach?
  2. Amirali
    2009-03-12 08:24
    I have joined BA, but it's not the kind of site to post on half-heartedly. People there take their debating seriously, and I would need to put in a fair bit of thought and energy to not appear totally out of place. And I'm too lazy and tied up with other activities nowadays, sadly.

    I'm sure you're making a great impact there .
  3. Lucifer-Angel
    2009-03-12 06:52
    Nope. Just don't really post on AS anymore. I channel my love for IchiHime/Orihime elsewhere.

    Kakashi's now, I think really enjoying BA. I thought I saw your name there, didn't you join?
  4. Amirali
    2009-03-07 16:38
    Out of curiosity, have you stopped following Bleach? Or like me, have you joined "The Society Of Lurkers who will not waste time on forums where no shipping debates happen any more" ?
  5. Amirali
    2008-07-20 04:42
    Am hoping to hear your thoughts on the developments of recent chapters, and their ramifications for IchiOri. That is , of course, if you haven't moved onto better things like Kakashi has. I would understand that completely....
  6. Amirali
    2008-07-05 09:33
    Heh, thanks for the defense again Lucifer Angel. You would make a great knight in shining armour . But Kakashi is cool with me. Besides, given how much I've ribbed him over being domesticated by OD, I deserve a few shots back.
  7. Lucifer-Angel
    2008-07-02 10:41
    You are one other popular member over here

    Thanks! Yaoi art is beautiful drawn, as would hetero arts and sometimes even better. I am kinda :S that AS doesnt have sections for my current obsessions
  8. Amirali
    2008-07-01 16:46
    Ignore kakashi. He is not suited to appreciating yaoi properly. True afficianados share an eager appreciation of the fine art.
  9. Amirali
    2008-06-07 23:07
    I don't feel much lack of civility's just that outside of shipping threads, good discussions are rare. One can't blame shippers for that of course, but it's a little disheartening nonetheless.
    As far as spam section goes.........I think the visitor profiles are a welcome step in that direction. Let's one fool around a bit, without cluttering discussion threads overly much.
  10. Lucifer-Angel
    2008-06-07 22:47
    I dont think that having that one particular thread active is a good thing actually. Personally I felt that some other forums which had employed militant stances against shipping debates and offending sigs and avatars actually brought the better of the people. At least it keeps people civil

    I dont think it's quiet, for me it may need sometime to interact, maybe if AS has a spam section people may enjoy it more

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