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Conversation Between Lucifer-Angel and Kakashi
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  1. Lucifer-Angel
    2009-02-18 01:36
    I just realized that I forgot to wish you happy birthday

    Just poking by, and realized that the dramas got toned down
  2. Kakashi
    2008-07-05 14:05
    Not only does he rib me for being domesticated every now and then by OD, but at the same time he doesn't hesitate to rob me of my pride. Inexcusable!

    When amir gets e-wipped (which will be soon), I'll be ready...
  3. Kakashi
    2008-07-05 05:36
    Apart from being disturbed, I can understand your perspective when it comes to Yaoi a little bit more Don't worry I know what parts you meant and what parts you didn't For your information in a SOTM contest there was a Yuri and Yaoi sig competing against eachother. The Yuri sig won the contest while the Yaoi sig got zero votes (IchiHime sig beat the IchiRuki sig! Woot!)

    Amir is sometimes cool, mostly a geek
  4. Lucifer-Angel
    2008-07-05 04:08
    Well, we get excited for the mutual love between testosterone-charged males, you see It's such a treat that you see these creatures actually love instead of fight..and you know yaoi might be the key towards world peace >.>

    (I was joking there)

    Amirali is no loser
  5. Kakashi
    2008-07-04 18:02
    Lol artz? Wat iz art?

    I dunno, I see lots of females getting excited over yaoi, most guys just can't stand it Except for the loser below me and a few others...
  6. Lucifer-Angel
    2008-07-02 10:40
    What ...over here, yaoi is detested? You guys have no taste in arts *pouts*

    ~Joking ~

    I only like yaoi in certain anime/manga (considering i rarely watch Hitman Reborn anime)...but in Bleach the hetero ships pwned
  7. Kakashi
    2008-07-01 15:11
    Nope yaoi is detested round these parts, except for a select few who promote it in secret >_<. They will be caught and burned!

    In terms of popularity, I'm up there
  8. Lucifer-Angel
    2008-07-01 09:42
    Lucifer-Angel sure are popular here

    I'm not too sure about that ..certainly people do not want me advertise yaoi too much?
  9. Kakashi
    2008-06-30 13:13
    Hello! I prefer your avatar on AS far more then on BA
  10. Kakashi
    2008-05-26 05:06
    As are you

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