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Conversation Between RampagingEvangelion and Blank-Mage
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  1. Blank-Mage
    2009-01-10 17:46
    Agh. My head hurts. It was a good series, but I never really liked existential head-games, especially when they leave things unexplained like that. I've already half finished Escaflowne, and Kiddy Grade is up next. (What manga, out of curiosity?)
  2. Blank-Mage
    2009-01-05 22:25
    And that's that, finished Death and Rebirth/End of Evangelion! .....And I still have no idea what happened. Why did Shinji try to strangle Asuka at the very end? What the hell was up with the Rei / Lilith thing? If Seele and Gendo were both trying to do the same thing, why did they fight? And if they BOTH wanted third impact all along, why stop the Angels in the first place? Did everyone live? Did everyone die? Who bandaged Asuka, and why does is it look exactly like Reis'? Why does every scene where someone dies have a ghost of Rei next to them?!

    And there was a live-action scene?! Of an audience. After the crazy clipshow. AGH!
  3. Blank-Mage
    2009-01-04 02:51
    The elevator scene didn't bother me as much as the Tabris scene did. I mean, at least the elevator scene had a reason to not do much, it's an elevator. (Haruhi had this one scene consisting of Nagato reading silently for 3 minutes. Konata complains about that same scene in Lucky Star, too. And speaking of Haruhi, Itsuki yells the names of Full Metal Panic seasons when he attacks. And Full Metal Panic had 4 members of Deathnote make a cameo. Anime rocks.)
  4. Blank-Mage
    2009-01-03 03:04
    I just finished the standard 26 episodes. And I see what you meant by telling me to go with the rebuild... The last three episodes consisted of the characters yelling NO and covering their ears, and then Shinji stopped being emo, everyone clapped, the end! Very climactic, sarcasm. It was nice to see Shinji grow up, but it was equally painful to watch Asuka take his place. I really liked her, ya know? It was a reverse tsundere! Speaking of which Rei doesn't qualify as one because she never developed as a character. Like, ever. I kept expecting her to improve, but alas. Maybe I'm still hooked on Saber. (Best tsundere ever!)

    Anyway, I'll hit the End of Evangelion now, and get the introspective taste out of my mouth. (Can't believe the episodes 25 and 26 didn't even have an Eva in them.)
  5. Blank-Mage
    2008-12-30 03:34
    Thought I'd let you know, I've finished Trigun, and Evangelion was picked via unbiased pick-a-number methods. So I'm on Episode 4, am I'm beginning to realize why everyone kept telling me how emo Shinji was... Seriously, he's the most most helpless pilot in... ever.

    (But I love tsunderes, and Rei has my undivided attention.)

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