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Conversation Between Gotank and Ahasuerus
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  1. Gotank
    2009-09-05 20:19
    Ahh, I still browse animesuki occasionally, but usually I'm too lazy/uninspired to log in or post. Lately I'm preoccupied with some other anime/music based stuff.

    I hope your situation improves. It's good to have friends! =)
  2. Ahasuerus
    2009-09-05 06:04
    Heya Gotank, thanks for asking :-)
    After relocating 900 miles I've been busy looking for work (in a 16% unemployment market which sucks), but getting by with a little help from my friends xD
    Plus some good animu ;-)
    Funny you should pop in; I was just looking at your AyuAvi in my Friends box and was wondering what you'd been up to LOL
  3. Gotank
    2009-09-04 21:02
    Hey Ahasuerus, How's life? Just thought I'd check back.
  4. Ahasuerus
    2008-07-18 18:36
    I wush I had some PS skills lol... oh, and Photoshop too :-P
    Your Ayu avi is cute! I love her blinky-eyes lol She MUST get into the Top 16; there are too many undeserving girls ahead of her :-(
    Go Ayu-chan! :-D
  5. Gotank
    2008-07-18 17:18
    Go Uguu~ power! Wish I had more photo shop skills =p

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