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Conversation Between TheShinySword and Thunderbird
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  1. TheShinySword
    2012-01-04 00:41
    That's fun, I always liked the characters of the Fate series (mostly Saber :3) But never really the stories. And writing's always good.
  2. Thunderbird
    2012-01-03 18:45
    Not much haha. Playing all the Fate games again after watching all the animes (Fate/Stay Night, Fate/Hallow Ataraxia, Fate/Extra, etc XD) Continuing meh story which I noticed I've been writing for 2 years now O.O
  3. TheShinySword
    2012-01-02 21:48
    Yes quite! Happy New Year! What are you up to now adays?
  4. Thunderbird
    2011-12-24 20:49
    *poke* chu alive? Well Merry Christmas!
  5. Thunderbird
    2010-03-10 21:25
    Thats because your name is just so so so....FITTING! XD I dont know what else to say on that. it just is! XD But yeah I'll definitely think of something next time I incorporate peeps ^.^
  6. TheShinySword
    2010-03-10 18:36
    ;-; please, people always make me the restaurant
  7. Thunderbird
    2010-03-08 20:59
    Sowwyz! XD Next time I do something like this I'll throw you in. I pwomise XD
  8. TheShinySword
    2010-03-08 18:50
    ;-; Always the restaurant never the character
  9. Thunderbird
    2010-03-08 13:24
    Hey shiny, sorry I didnt ask earlier but I used you as the Cafe that RB, Raiser, Satashi, Alavon, Nanoha, and Alicia work at lolz. Hope you dont mind
  10. Thunderbird
    2010-02-10 07:58
    here a little reward for you XD

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