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Conversation Between Robin GI and Royal Blue Nazi
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  1. Royal Blue Nazi
    2012-01-27 00:05
    Royal Blue Nazi
    So sorry that I failed to reply at you on the date. It's my frst time to open my messages from being asleep for a quite long period.

    It may sound absurd now but, I wish you a belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!! And an advance Valentines Day to you as well.
  2. Robin GI
    2011-12-26 04:24
    Robin GI
    Merry Christmas!!! have a good time on NewYear hollidays!
  3. Royal Blue Nazi
    2011-03-05 21:11
    Royal Blue Nazi
    thanks a lot, Robin GI
  4. Robin GI
    2011-02-20 08:08
    Robin GI
    yaii! Ur sketches are greate!!! Keep it good work!
  5. Royal Blue Nazi
    2010-12-29 11:33
    Royal Blue Nazi
    See my latest sketch at the image thread now!!! It's all about "Claymore New Era" armor design for Claymore Renee!!!!!

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!
  6. Royal Blue Nazi
    2010-11-25 03:56
    Royal Blue Nazi
    Finally, the Early Rabonese Army pic is finish!!!

    Spoiler for Claymore New Era:The Early Rabonese Army:

    Thanks to the aid of few friends, and with the support of REvan5, The pic come out into being!!!!!!! Also, I want to thank those who are waiting for this pic to come out, you give me an inspiration to make this into completion.

    The picture btw is related to Revan5's claymore Fanfiction, "Claymore New Era" Those who haven't read the fanfic, you can use this link here. I will again remind you the fanfic is already complete:

    Next pic to wait is our beloved claymore, Miria, in her armor and stuffs as her proposed appearance in the fanfic!!!!

    Again, thanks for the support! Merry Christmas to all!!!!!!
  7. Royal Blue Nazi
    2010-11-23 21:10
    Royal Blue Nazi
    Ey, Robin GI, You did visit e-hentai yesterday.noh???? I bet it because I know who posted that "Silver Knight" doujin in e-hentai.

    Oh, thanks alot to thae original sizes of you're claymore works!!! Btw, where is the Flora and Irene pic that you made??? Can I have them too? Please!!!
  8. Royal Blue Nazi
    2010-11-22 10:15
    Royal Blue Nazi
    Merry Christmas Robin GI!!!!!

    Thanks for the high quality and very epic pics you made to claymore fans!!!

    I don't know who's that claymore girl you have posted now is but I bet she's smexy!!!!

    Btw, can I have a request to you? I want to have that Flora and Irene pic that you made, Because I don't have them for now. Also, the group claymore (Rafaela, Flora, Irene, Ophelia, Teresa, Miria, and Helen) in big res image and no "blackened stuff" unlike that previous pic you have that you blackened Flora, Irene, Miria, and Helen. Thanks in advance about this.

    So can I have my wish granted to Robin Santa?????

    Oh, if you like to see my sketches, you can go in this ULR at deviantart : . I will really appreciate it.

    Currently, I am making sketches for Revan5's Claymore fanfic.

    Thanks and Merry Christmas again!!!!!!

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