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Conversation Between princessnanoha and Alavon
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  1. Alavon
    2009-10-02 21:53
    WoW! Thanks!
  2. princessnanoha
    2009-10-02 21:26
    oh hi, its me again,
    for your request, yes i have it, but again it is in spanish
    i give you the link
    i hope you like it and enjoy it
  3. princessnanoha
    2009-10-02 21:24
    yes, its me again, i got it, but again, it is in spanish,
    ok i give the link anyway
    i hope you enjoy it
  4. princessnanoha
    2009-04-07 18:01
    i will for sure, i almost done, im in the page 37
  5. Alavon
    2009-04-06 16:35
    You're absolutely right! Keep 'em coming!
  6. Alavon
    2009-04-04 13:45
    Gracias! Fueron muy bueno. Usted ha sido muy ocupado! No es fácil de traducir.
  7. Alavon
    2009-03-18 09:41
    ¡Yo no puedo esperar y gracias! Oh! Antes de que me olvide, soy una chica...
  8. Alavon
    2009-03-13 14:50
    **Recovering from laughing too hard**

    Wow...they were AWESOME...too awesome...great job!!! Teana sure hasn't changed after three years, huh. Keep me posted and thanks!!!

    **Returns to laughing**
  9. princessnanoha
    2009-03-04 20:13
    ok, here is the link for the first 5 pages, i hope you enjoy them, i know it will be an abuse, but i like to hear what you think of it

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