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Conversation Between Cyclone and Nixl
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  1. Nixl
    2012-03-19 10:43
    Sorry for the late reply, had a funeral to attend to.

    I know Gooral, Ryus, Shieky and a couple others are on Manga Helpers now. I am also pretty much done with AS in general.

    So long as you have a good guild it is all good. I am splitting my time between my Warlock on Frostmane and Mage/alts on Bleeding Hollow (former main server). Have you seen the Mists of Pandaria changes released today(19th)?
  2. Cyclone
    2012-03-16 21:51
    I'm on Fenris - not a great rep, but it's fun.
    Gee - gone for a few days, digesting the bad taste of the mod running out or banning my friends, I come back and see they close the forum.
    Well, looks like it's goodbye to animesuki myself. Pity.
  3. Nixl
    2012-02-28 23:00
    You are right, but since playing Vanilla I do not think there has been a single class that has been so universally derided as hunters for its players. Part of that comes from the age old phrase "ooo hunter weapon." I still see that today in my dungeon groups. That video "Meet the Hunter" is a fantastic summary of all hunter jokes.

    Well, I am glad you are enjoying the game. I hope you do not mind me asking, but what server did you ended up on? When I left so many servers had reputations, but I think all that has changed or at least shifted. I hope you did not get stuck on one of the dead light servers, although not like it matters with dungeon and raid finders.
  4. Cyclone
    2012-02-28 21:12
    Yeah, I've become acquainted with a lot of terms including Huntard. To be fair I've seen some really bad playing from all classes though. Ah well - to each their own pace. I don't really mind when someone sucks, but I do mind when they suck, and think they are great and want to pull multiple groups in heroics because with an ilv that barely got them entrance to the dungeon because they want it to be faster or something. I've met all types in that game from really nice people to certifiable jerks to retards. It's best to just pretend you don't see trade chat, the other players are really NPCs and just go about your business sometimes.
  5. Nixl
    2012-02-28 11:53
    I remember getting loremaster was a pain before everything got centralized. Had a friend agonize over 1 hidden quest. I know I had fun getting my loremaster as well as my netherdrake. I definitely will probably work towards the 150 mount achieve eventually.

    I subbed a few days ago (week by now?) and I got a shammy to 65, but poor groups keep bogging me down. Dungeon finder made leveling a walk in the park for healers, but some groups are mind boggling bad. Have you learned what is meant by "huntard" yet? I think it is a right of passage by now.
  6. Cyclone
    2012-02-28 01:07
    Yeah, I'm going to be playing for a while yet it seems (yes I like it) - renewed for a year or so and thus getting diablo3 for free.
    I'm not really into PvP, so character balances there are not that familiar to me - it seems fairly balanced though for both that and PvE though.
    It's difficult to get excited about Deathwing though - the Lich King felt epic, but Deathwing feels like a chore. I'm hoping Panderia will fix things. Still a ton of things that need to be done in the meantime (loremaster, violet protodrake..., and other small achievements).
  7. Nixl
    2012-02-11 20:35
    I hope you do not mind, I saw on Shiek's wall that you are playing WoW. As a former addict, I have to ask what do you think of the game at the moment, especially the state of warlocks? Are you going to play Mists of Pandaria?

    t-t-that's n-not to say I am going to rebound, but I totally am.
  8. Nixl
    2011-02-08 10:44
    No worries, I understand it is pretty frustrating at times, especially when you have no idea who.
  9. Cyclone
    2011-02-06 21:58
    I appologize in that case - sorry.
    Someone neg repped (anonymously of course) the previous post I made as to why the regulars don't post as often, saying I "troll" by inflamitory posts towards Raki.
    Again - sorry for singling you out.
  10. Nixl
    2011-02-06 17:38
    Pardon, I did not see your post. I was not the one to negative rep Cyclone. Sorry that happened to you.

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