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Conversation Between Cyclone and Gooral
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  1. Cyclone
    2012-02-28 01:48
    It's not a perm ban, is it? The place would really suck without him.

    I was never really a fan HK - he was tolerable due to his passion for the manga, but he did tend to bring the discussion level down a few notches. Glad to see he's doing well at MH. Still, that's all preferable to how some of the mods here behave at times (you almost wish to apologize to them for creating them so much work by disrupting their perfect system). I think animesuki has developed a bit of the system admin syndrome - the system would be so much better, faster and more secure if we could just get rid of all those pesky users. ^_^

    As for Galatea-sama, not only is she the best entrance, but also the best character (though Teresa tying for first would be acceptable too).
    I'll be staying around here though probably. Please continue to stop by once in a while - wont be the same without you (you have a gift for finding raws, you know).
  2. Cyclone
    2012-02-02 01:02
    Well, yes, the chapters have been less than stellar recently. Shame really. Still... it's still Claymore, so it's required reading each month. We'll see where Yagi decides to go with it, I guess.
    My absence though is more because I seem to have developed a World of Warcraft addiction which started around the time I started posting less. If you play, then it shouldn't be hard for you to guess my character on the Fenris server.
    What happened with the mods? There have certainly been some real pricks in the past, but Solace was good (for one). I noticed someone new started this thread. I suppose it's useless to look in the requests for new threads thread now, as probably half the thread has been expunged by now.
  3. Cyclone
    2011-05-23 00:35
    Oh don't get me started on xris - a world class jerk in my opinion. If all mods were like him/her, I'd have left animesuki a long time ago.
    Thanks for the links - started reading Dorohedoro - not bad. It's a little bit too dark for my taste to be amongst my all-time favorites though. There's a fine line between a story being about surviving in a tough world, and being a victim of a crushing world, and it's a it past my comfort zone.
    I'll look into Shingeki no Kyoujin after I finish Dorohedoro. Thanks for the names.
  4. Gooral
    2011-05-20 01:12
    Nah, I don't care about the mods. It's not my first warning and probably won't be the last .
    As for the manga I've mentioned, it's Dorohedoro and Shingeki no Kyojin. I'm too lazy to write again why I think they're worth checking out so use the links above. Dorohedoro tops almost any manga I know but it doesn't have much to do with Claymore. Shingeki no Kyojin has only started and there are only 4 volumes but the atmosphere reminds me the one in Claymore or Gantz, you never know who will die next. Unfortunately the art isn't too great but it affects the imagination and that's what counts. Check out first two volumes of the two manga and see for yourself.
  5. Cyclone
    2011-05-19 20:40
    Sorry to hear about that nonsense from the stuck up mod. Don't let the jerks get to you. I'll mod you up as soon as that broken system allows me to.
    Quick question:
    You recommended 2 mangas to someone in the posts that were deleted. Since you said that at least one of them was similar to Claymore, they obviously were completely unrelated to the topic (along with the equally unrelated the Witcher) but for some reason, they sparked my interest. What were they called again? Hobo-something, and ?
  6. Cyclone
    2010-08-13 04:50
    Thank you. It's really appreciated - was a lot of work.
    Believe it or not, despite releasing about a month ago, you're the first person to compliment me on it. Anyways, I'm glad you liked it. I might do more after I finish Dragon Quest 9 (which is currently sucking away all my free time [as limited as that is]).
  7. Gooral
    2010-08-12 13:54
    Thank you very much for new Change 123 chapter . Great job. I knew you were planning on scanlating this awesome manga but didn't notice your 55th chapter until today.
  8. Cyclone
    2010-08-03 20:57
    Welcome back.
    Heh - and they wonder why they are fewer Raki hate posts. Got two more negs since then for my posts in that thread. What a bunch of idiots - Fukitsu Naruto especially. You should have seen the venom in the negs against me. You should have seen the venom in the neg reps too - it was quite humorous. *sigh* Sometimes I think I'm too old to read manga when I run into people like him.
    As for Raki - my view on him hasn't changed from the start. Despite doing some heoric/good thing, and occasionally being funny, entertaining, or nice, I've never really connected with him. For me, I guess it's just more fun to dislike him - lord knows there plenty of ammo for that. I better stop there though - before the Raki gestapo figure out how to neg reg user comments
  9. Gooral
    2010-08-02 14:26
    It's the same with me. And I don't want to spread reputation randomly so it will take time before I can rep you again.
    BTW, I've just joined the anti-Raki club. Didn't know there was one until I've read your debate with Fukitsu Naruto, evil_kenshin and [thousandmaster]. What they said was ridiculous and I regret I wasn't online when the debate was going on (I didn't have net for about 2 months :P). I would rep you for this debate too if I could.
    The thing that amused me the most though were these words:
    Originally Posted by evil_kenshin View Post
    (...) A majority of posters no longer hate Raki if they did in the beginning. (...)
    The thing is I was one of the few people that didn't hate Raki when he was a kid (of course I mean manga-Raki here). Heck, I even liked him! But now Raki is plainly stupid. He stayed with monsters for 7 years and has really disturbing approach to Priscilla (if she snaps then "oh well"). And did one of the most retarded things I've seen in Claymore.

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