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Conversation Between Cyclone and Ryus
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  1. Cyclone
    2010-08-11 03:37
    hehe - very nice. very nice. I enjoyed that
    Nice job on the scan.
  2. Ryus
    2010-08-10 20:38
    Thought you'd enjoy this pic... they where posted today on baidu and where then translated into English (by muk (on another site) and then proofread by Rennir and I did the scan). Hope you find it funny... since it's pertains to the Galatea vs Miria hotness debate. Anyways I posted them on the image thread, if you want to comment on them to the world do it their... but feel free to vm me if you so choose instead./

    Spoiler for Joke pics:
  3. Cyclone
    2010-07-13 22:47
    Heh - thanks man.
    It's the thought that counts.
    looks like I'm in the same boat (I don't give out rep often enough it seems)
  4. Ryus
    2010-07-13 20:08
    Damn I can't rep you for posting the interview and getting permission to translate it! Need to spread rep around some more... in the mean time enjoy the Teresa/Clare image I just posted in the image thread as my thanks.
  5. Ryus
    2010-05-30 16:32
    I found it on a spot the difference post
  6. Cyclone
    2010-05-30 13:23
    heh - very nice. I approve.
    At first I though it was that vile normal 2 page spread again, but the I noticed the changes.
  7. Ryus
    2010-05-29 01:00
    Thought you'd really like this image I found on Biadu... it was someone sig

  8. Cyclone
    2010-03-02 09:30
    What FH is doing is so sad. The editor is an idiot to allow it, and the proof readers/typesetters are downright negligent.
    Whenever they make a release as bad as this, I'm always tempted to just re-do myself.
  9. Ryus
    2010-03-02 01:15
    Did you see that once again... frankyhouse used Weils Japanese to Chinese to English post as the official translation in there scanltion. Last time they did this was Ch 98...
  10. Cyclone
    2009-11-02 02:34
    Congrats on the 1k!

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