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Conversation Between sonicspin and s07195
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  1. sonicspin
    2013-05-09 02:39
  2. s07195
    2013-05-06 07:20
    I'm finally done with my exams! So you can expect to see me on Google Docs more often.
  3. s07195
    2011-03-29 08:43
    Still nice, though.
  4. sonicspin
    2011-03-20 20:03
    Ah, that's actually illustrated by Yuki.

    It's up on dA over here:
  5. s07195
    2011-03-19 02:02
    Are you going to put up the ED artwork on dA? Cause it looks awesome.
  6. sonicspin
    2010-06-15 22:25
    Sorry for the late reply; I never notice the notification box here.

    Yeah, I'll be keeping that. The next couple episodes will be completely original but will lead to the demon extraction part. That's one of those plot points I don't want to throw away.

    Again, thanks for the encouragement. 5B's visuals are almost done, so hopefully the cast could finish by next month.
  7. s07195
    2010-06-12 10:25
    Hey, I was wondering if you were going to keep the arc where Kisuke loses his memories and totally becomes a girl? Because that was a good idea.

    I hope your progress on 5B is going well.
    Ganbatte Kudasai!
  8. s07195
    2010-04-26 11:59
    sorry for leaving random comments on your Youtube videos...
    It's just that I have a tendency to type while watching, so...
    But breaking the 4th wall was just hilarious.
  9. s07195
    2010-04-19 09:15
    thanks ^^
    Good luck on Kisuke 5!
    I'll be rooting for you!
  10. s07195
    2010-04-12 08:41
    Please upload more Tsuji!!
    But Kisuke is fine too~~ (anime of course, since the webcomics's scrapped)
    By the way, will the uploaded comics stay there, or will you scrap the website too?

    Dozo Yoroshiku~

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