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Conversation Between markesellus and Evil Rick
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  1. Evil Rick
    2008-09-21 01:24
    Evil Rick
    I'm happy to tell you that I have the render of the character "Marksellus" Ready

    Just need to color it

    PD: Have you read alredy chapter 11 on NROTU? I want to know if I surprised yopu with the end of that chapter O3O
  2. Evil Rick
    2008-09-20 18:24
    Evil Rick
    You want?

    Exellent, need to work on your render (your character)

    Female obviusly, how do you like to look? (hairstyile, weapons, hair color, cloths)
  3. markesellus
    2008-09-20 02:16
    Actually I just went through the image thread and found the link. So I'm downloading now. I like secret ambition and Crossroads. Too bad I can't vote anymore. XD Me? A character in Vita Shadows of the Past!? YES! That would be so epically sweet and awesome and cool and....I can't think of anything else to say.
  4. Evil Rick
    2008-09-20 00:18
    Evil Rick
    I can send you throw PMs chapter 11 of NROTU if you want

    But there isn't much to backlog, all the thread is just posting votations for TSS's secret ambition and Laith's one too

    But good thing you'r here at the moment, I'll better ask now

    Would you like to appear as character on VSOTP?
  5. markesellus
    2008-09-20 00:14
    D: I know! School has been killing me as of late, and I probably won't be on this weekend a lot as well. I miss my free time. I don't want to go through all the backlog as well. Oh well, I'll go look...eventually. >.>
  6. Evil Rick
    2008-09-19 23:39
    Evil Rick
    Hey marksellus, haven't see you in a while
  7. markesellus
    2008-08-21 03:24
    Ooh that definitely sucks. You can't do a lot without Photoshop. At least you got the hard drive, and all your stuff is on your USB. I wish you the best of luck!
  8. Evil Rick
    2008-08-21 01:30
    Evil Rick
    The thing was like this

    I was going to turn it on when it started to make a strange noise and then... BANG! It stoped and it didn't turned on again, I opened the CPU to see the trouble and found that it suffered and overload who literally destroyed the voltage regulator, the hard disc is okay, I took it out without problem, by lucky, I had all the chapters of NROTU and most of my draws on my USB, but now I no longer have my Photoshop
  9. markesellus
    2008-08-21 01:20
    D: What exactly happened to your computer?
  10. Evil Rick
    2008-08-21 00:20
    Evil Rick
    Yeah I can't make anything, no sigs, no avas, no draws, I can't continue my beloved fic NROTU either!

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