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Conversation Between markesellus and Deso
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  1. Deso
    2009-08-29 22:15
    Hey, I'm back from where I're you? sorry for being gone...
  2. markesellus
    2009-01-04 19:34
    Oh I see, it makes sense, especially when having a small (but still kind of large when thinking about it) group. You can't exactly just go out there and get clan members killed.
  3. Deso
    2009-01-04 13:50
    Well since my clan's battle stratigies are not really up to myself I can tell you all what my general has told me........we basically fight in guerilla tactics......(fighting then running) it's not very honerable.....but until we get more people it must happen........
  4. markesellus
    2009-01-04 04:04
    I get it. Well...I don't know much about this clan besides what they do. How do you operate? So I think I'll say no...for now. Who knows? Maybe you'll change my mind.
  5. Deso
    2009-01-04 01:49
    No..they're peaceful...all except for Billy......he likes to poke my head......well depends on who it is and what they've done........say a murderer...he'd die.......if it's a robber.....I'd destroy his outlook on life.....if it was a little innocent kid......he'd get a pat on the head.......and the bad people are people that deserve to die and so on........
  6. markesellus
    2009-01-04 01:47
    D; Do they bother you a lot? Like you kill kill or you figuratively kill? Who are these bad people?
  7. Deso
    2009-01-04 01:43
    I share a room with 2 I sorry......Do you wanna join my clan(we kill bad people and it's not an AS group just so you know)........
  8. markesellus
    2009-01-04 01:39
    Exactly! I had to share a a room with my sister, it was really annoying. It's even weirder when you haven't shared a room in a year too.
  9. Deso
    2009-01-04 00:46
    Yea..I know what you mean.......when you need them they aren't there..and when you DON'T want them around like me........they're alwaays in your face and they won't leave you alone....I wish they'd take a hint.......(I HATE YOU!!! isn't good
  10. markesellus
    2009-01-04 00:43
    Seems like the opposite, when you have a big family reunion and they all want to do stuff with you. It's like I wish I had free time over break. Or at least no homework because that's the real killer.

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