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Conversation Between markesellus and Deso
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  1. markesellus
    2008-12-28 06:20
    Drawing is cool, I can't draw that well. Kind of suck at writing...not really bad, but not as good as I'd like to be.
  2. Deso
    2008-12-27 01:26
    If you made the one you have....I think it's good.....but anywau........I like to draw and write......and I like making new friends......^__^
  3. markesellus
    2008-12-26 20:27
    Hmm well...I'm your average anime fan girl I guess. Currently obsessed with the Nanoha Fandom. Currently watching the usual: Bleach and Naruto, but I'm really far behind because I hate being stuck with no episodes to watch. I like to make my own signatures and avatars...though I kind of suck at it. You?
  4. Deso
    2008-12-26 12:31
    Yea I guess....v__v thanks.......oh.......umm.......tell me a little about yourself if you want.......
  5. markesellus
    2008-12-26 04:25
    D: That's sad. Of course we can be friends.
  6. Deso
    2008-12-26 00:25
    I'm ok......just missing my old friends on this other anime site......-__- wanna be friends?
  7. markesellus
    2008-12-25 14:18
    No prob. Merry Christmas to you too. I'm good, I get presents so that boosts my happiness a lot. and you?
  8. Deso
    2008-12-25 11:01
    Thanks for visiting my profile........Merry Christmas btw.....(and if you don't mind me asking) how are you?

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