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Conversation Between Blade_Lord and [GHOST]
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  1. Blade_Lord
    2008-12-25 02:09
    Merry Christmas [GHOST]
  2. [GHOST]
    2008-06-15 20:11
    So sorry about that Blade. 'Twas not meant to incite imandragon.
  3. Blade_Lord
    2008-06-13 08:58
    Next time GHOST please don't incite dragon-nee into believing I am being a jerk to her. It may seems laughable to you but it doesn't to me.
  4. Blade_Lord
    2008-06-12 22:40
    Yare yare you have to go through the obvious and try to find the hidden meaning in that statement. Archer may have changed but deep inside he is still shirou. I agree about the look on Rin's face. The expression of her would be roughly the same expression she has on her face during UBW opening when shirou traced byakuya and charges.
  5. [GHOST]
    2008-06-12 20:59
    I don't think I recall that part where Archer cared for saber.. He only pointed out the obvious - it is because of Shirou's weakness that Saber is in the predicament she is in..there's no caring statements there.

    Yup I agree. That would be so cool. Shirou vs Gil ... Also Shirou vs Archer vs Assassin in a triple threat would be very nice to watch. Also Shirou using UBW - the look on Rin's face after that would be priceless
  6. Blade_Lord
    2008-06-12 01:23
    Didn't archer said the same? I read that the prologue is read from archer's view. I use to think Archer don't care about Saber until I watch the part where archer tell shirou that she use her noble phantasm because of shirou. Too bad I wish I can watch archer vs Shirou or archer vs lancer(UBW route) and shirou vs Gilgamesh.
  7. [GHOST]
    2008-06-11 02:36
    I think he would make the right decision when the opportunity arise. He will always have Saber in his heart. Do remember that when he met Saber his dream to be a Hero of Justice was only his 2nd priority..Saber was his 1st
  8. Blade_Lord
    2008-06-10 22:56
    The problem is-is shirou making the right decision? With that childish ideal of his and also his selfless attitude he's going the same way as archer. I rather prefer the Unlimited Blade Work route. I don't mind seeing Saber does not end up with shirou(theres always tohsaka^^) but I can see he's going the same way as archer. And that's one of the reason I dislike the fate route.
  9. [GHOST]
    2008-06-10 22:19
    Yes I do believe in destiny Blade but it slightly differs from conventional belief.

    Every decision made by a person contributes to what I call a "Grand Schema". This "Grand Schema" is comprised of mathematical probabilities in which the highest probability is called Destiny.. Kind of like a routine you do every time you wake up.. When you woke up today there is a huge possibility that the actions you took after getting up from bed coincides with the actions you took yesterday morning when you woke up.

    Now since destiny is a mathematical equation of an outcome with a non zero probability cant be ignored. Just because there is a slight possibility of getting struck by lightning does not necessarily mean that you wont get struck. You can change your so called destiny by improving the odds of the favored outcome. If one tries hard enough and makes the right decision then you can change and turn from the lowest probability in your schema into your own destiny.
  10. Blade_Lord
    2008-06-10 21:45
    "Heh I know. but hey if it is their destiny to meet again then it is to be so. Nothing can change that. Also there's a huge chance that Shiro changes his fate and not end up like Archer."
    Do you really believe in destiny? Anyway I can imagine the shirou from the fate route becomes archer again....also shirou only changes his fate in Unlimited Blade Work route and Heaven's Feel route.

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