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Conversation Between Sleepy Speculator and Gangsta Spanksta
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  1. Gangsta Spanksta
    2010-12-31 21:27
    Gangsta Spanksta
    Happy New Year Sleepy one
  2. Gangsta Spanksta
    2009-12-24 23:49
    Gangsta Spanksta
    merry christmas Sleepy.
  3. Sleepy Speculator
    2009-08-03 07:02
    Sleepy Speculator
    haha job junting still sucks.. well i'll wait for this chapter to be translated before i start the speculation again..
  4. Gangsta Spanksta
    2009-07-29 11:12
    Gangsta Spanksta
    Well I figured since it is getting close to another chapter release that you may drop by. So how's the job hunting going? We miss your speculation around here.
  5. Gangsta Spanksta
    2009-07-04 13:12
    Gangsta Spanksta
    Well hope you'll find that perfect job. Hope we still will have time to hear your good speculation, which is among the best on here.
  6. Sleepy Speculator
    2009-07-04 10:49
    Sleepy Speculator
    haha, i'm job hunting as well, it's rather tiring, and i've only just read the chapter but here goes...
  7. Gangsta Spanksta
    2009-07-03 03:42
    Gangsta Spanksta
    Awaken O Great Sleepy, and speculate. 93 is out.
  8. Gangsta Spanksta
    2009-07-02 09:43
    Gangsta Spanksta
    Hey you've been pretty quite as of late. Stop Lurking: it's more fun when you are posting.
  9. Gangsta Spanksta
    2009-06-27 11:14
    Gangsta Spanksta
    The name was a bit confusing to me. "Clarices' Offspring" as in child, so it sounds like it should be a Miata fan group as well. Unless all the members are supposed to be Clarices children. poor girl giving such rapid birth to so many. Anyway, I was invited to join it, but I don't really know enough about Clarice to know if I like her. She sort of was the opposite of Clare in many ways, a bit cowardly, but she did redeem herself by going to save Miata I suppose. She's a smarty, but I wonder if the Manga will have time to give her more development now.
  10. Sleepy Speculator
    2009-06-27 05:09
    Sleepy Speculator
    lol i wouldn't mind the Clare fan group, just everyone gets so up tight about there fan clubs... no one takes Clarice seriously enough so it's ok...

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