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Conversation Between Sleepy Speculator and Arkham
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  1. Arkham
    2010-01-01 13:59
    Happy New Year Sleepy!
  2. Sleepy Speculator
    2009-06-24 13:43
    Sleepy Speculator
    all acoustic covers, until i can get a job and reform my band...
  3. Arkham
    2009-06-24 11:06
    Well you have my best wishes and i hope that works out or you
    BTW did you play covers or some of your material?
  4. Sleepy Speculator
    2009-06-24 04:33
    Sleepy Speculator
    first time i played in that pub for sure, it's a good music venue, i'm trying to get good enough that people won't just be giving me sympathy applause.
  5. Arkham
    2009-06-23 14:02
    Was that your first live gig in a pub? I remember mine,i was so nerves that i got drunk and couldn't realy play strait Luckily all went well
  6. Sleepy Speculator
    2009-06-23 05:26
    Sleepy Speculator
    I was just helping another couple of guitar players fill a hole in one of their gigs, i was practicing elsewhere and they asked if i'd like to go and play, first time i've played in that pub, but i'm slowly getting better...
  7. Arkham
    2009-06-22 08:53
    So you were playing guitar in pubs. Thath cool. Is that for fun or for money(i mean professionally as a artist ). Acoustic or electric? I also play,but i'm in a band
    Anyway,we should be friends!

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