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Conversation Between Yuki_Senpai and Bloody_Hime
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  1. Bloody_Hime
    2009-01-07 07:18
    There isn't a Enishi FC, is it?
  2. Bloody_Hime
    2009-01-06 15:25
    So do you think that Enishi is gorgeous and awesome? What could happen if he had been the main character instead of Kenshin? Anyways, I'd have like that he had appeared more than he had done, because he had only appear in just one OVA! That's so unfair. How about if u change Sanosuke for him? The anime would have been more interesting that way
  3. Yuki_Senpai
    2009-01-05 18:16
    Hi ,

    Yes , I do ..

    Aha .. ^^

    since it was the 1st anime I've watched is Detective Conan ...

    Oh , yes , Enishi kawaiii .. ^^
  4. Bloody_Hime
    2009-01-03 12:09
    Hi, Yuki! Do u know Rurouni Kenshin? I love it, since it was the 1st anime I've watched, and especially I love Battousai and Enishi Yukishiro
  5. Yuki_Senpai
    2009-01-03 05:49
    u r welcome

    Ok , no problem ..

    u r welcome anytime ..

    Sorry , But I'm don't Know who he

    Okay .. ^-^
  6. Bloody_Hime
    2009-01-02 13:33
    I'm fine. Thanks for asking. Now I gotta go but we'll talk other day, ok? As for the pic, thanks for the offer, I'll take a look to this anime, although I prefer Kyo from Samurai Deeper Kyo. I'll put some photos when I can if you don't know who I'm talking about. * hugs and kisses*
  7. Yuki_Senpai
    2009-01-02 13:26

    I'm fine .. ^^

    And u .. ?

    Nice to meet u too

    Oh , Thanks ..

    it's Darker than black

    If u want Original Pic , just ask me ..
  8. Bloody_Hime
    2009-01-02 13:09
    Hi, Yuki-Senpai! How are u? Nice to meet u!!! I love your profile pic, from which anime is it?

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