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Conversation Between Myssa Rei and sa547
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  1. sa547
    2008-06-27 01:29
    OBTW, in case you haven't known, half the former DS members are now in Maru!, and Weltall Elite is currently being deployed to Iraq as a member of the Airborne Military Police. Three others in my LJ friendlist are on their own.
  2. Myssa Rei
    2008-06-17 23:11
    Myssa Rei
    Doesn't sound too bad, but it doesn't sound like the work pays much either. ^^ I'm trying to console myself with the fact that my job pays 5 digits, and I got to go to Washington DC and Virginia for a month for training. Meh, but the responsibilities...
  3. sa547
    2008-06-17 10:12
    Me? Working in a medium-sized internet cafe. On the busiest time of the day, I have to deal with several customers, workstation accounting, some typewriting requests, going under the table to plug in someone's flash drive, tutoring 70-year-old men on how to use YM, and downed 5-year-old workstations to fix. And with 16-hour days trying to keep myself from blowing a fuse, I'm supposed to be working on desktop publishing projects.

    Ah, well... at least I get to answer the mail, watch an episode from Veoh, and some posts to make before calling it a day.
  4. Myssa Rei
    2008-06-16 23:30
    Myssa Rei
    Busy busy, actually. I think the company training trip to Arlington only served to double the responsibilities I have in the company I work for, and it's getting to be quite a challenge to budget my free time. Lessee, reading, amateur writing (mostly original), anime, Guild Wars and Touhou, plus my recent foray into Warhammer 40k... Ha ha, free time? What free time?
  5. sa547
    2008-06-15 07:20
    Good evening. Been a long time since I went out of DS. Currently taking a breather at work. How things are going?

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