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Conversation Between Myssa Rei and Triple_R
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  1. Triple_R
    2013-03-18 09:53
    Quick question - Do you know how to do strike-through tags here on Anime Suki. I wanted to use them for a post, but I'm not sure how to do them.
  2. Triple_R
    2012-12-25 08:09
    Merry Christmas! May the New Year be full of lots and lots of Saki!
  3. Myssa Rei
    2011-09-24 22:27
    Myssa Rei
    It just so happens that I AM taking up Screenwriting for this term, as a prep for the Screenwriting Workshop next semester. It's been a real eye-opener, especially for someone like me who just watches a show, and doesn't nitpick about the details of a plot (why should I if I'm enjoying myself?) too much. I've learned since to pay attention, particularly about whether or not a work follows the expected formula (its a formula that is followed particularly because it's successful), whether it goes against the vein, and whether or not a particular execution of said formula succeeds or crashes and burns.

    On a related note, the aspects of my screenplay (as detailed in my journal) are built around the following: a smart, skinny, but bratty girl named Sandra, who likes pink stuff, toys, and likes to throw tantrums when she doesn't get what she wants, a pink starfish, and a cigarette. And I'm expected to write a 100-page screenplay out of these by the end of the term?

    I suppose I dodged some bullets though, as some of my classmate's selections (we picked out characters and items from a bunch of index cards scattered on a table) were plain weird.
  4. Triple_R
    2011-09-24 20:03
    Thanks for the comment on my blog, and the great info you shared there.

    Interesting that plot twists are expected. I have to admit that I myself kind of expect them in anything longer than one cour, and in anything other than slice of life.
  5. Myssa Rei
    2011-09-18 02:14
    Myssa Rei
    Actually, I'm having a hard time imagining any kind of ship in Tiger and Bunny, especially since Koutetsu himself seems to be largely still hung up on Tomoe. If Sunrise decides to pursue a relationship parallel plotline (like many superhero stories!) then great, as long as its written well I can get behind it. But this is anime so... :P
  6. Triple_R
    2011-09-17 23:47
    You seem to be strongly against a Kotetsu/Karina ship. I'm just curious to know why? I mean, presuming it happens after she reaches adulthood, the age difference isn't that big of a deal at that point, is it?

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