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Conversation Between Rethice and Pocari_Sweat
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  1. Rethice
    2011-10-16 23:35
    Nope, I got nothing. :P

    How'd the tourney go on Sunday btw?
  2. Rethice
    2011-10-16 22:10
    I can't rant about something I know nothing about, you know I don't keep up with the details of the animating groups and production companies. :P

    I will read the thread and see if I can think of anything to contribute though.
  3. Pocari_Sweat
    2011-10-16 21:08
    Nice post. I see you were "nice" in your criticism of Dalian

    Just watched F/Z ep3 and it was excellent as usual. Rider was hilarious this ep and Saber was fabulous and gar .

    Imo, make a rant in the KyoAni thread imo
  4. Rethice
    2011-10-16 20:52
    I have, check out my thoughts on Dantalion no Shoka. :P
  5. Pocari_Sweat
    2011-10-16 20:48
    I always thought of "so bad it's good" as shows that I'm supposed to not enjoy but end up liking it for some reason. Criteria for so bad it's good is ymmv anyway. Guess we differ in definitions

    Btw, you've been posting quite a lot
  6. Rethice
    2011-10-16 20:33
    I don't know about Ben-to being "so bad it's good", I don't think it was bad at all, I think it was a genuinely good comedy. The seriousness of fighting over the bento boxes was all part of the joke, and using the same VA for Sato that did Yoshii in Baka Test was perfect.

    I think the "so bad it's good" title is reserved for things that you find funny for unintended reasons. Like, Prince of Tennis, where it's meant to be serious, and that's -why- you laugh at it.

    Ultimately I think the difference is laughing "with" the anime or laughing "at" the anime. :P
  7. Pocari_Sweat
    2011-10-16 20:19
    Chihayafuru mainly uses the card game element as a means for character development. It's currently in flashback mode atm (anime is 2cours so it has time for that), and the theme seems to be childhood bullying atm, which is why I very much like it. I'm surprised you disliked the main lead though (outfront type) thought u liked that type .

    Guilty Crown was pretty good yeh. Main problem for me though as stated in my post in the thread was that the MC was a bit boring and whiny.

    I still thought P4 ep2 was crap. Will be keeping it on hold for now, but do tell if it gets better.

    And yeh, Ben-to was good in a so bad it's good way .
  8. Rethice
    2011-10-15 21:22
    Well I checked out everything you told me to check out.

    Chihayafuru was alright, didn't really grab my attention though, not sure if will continue.

    Guilty Crown seemed pretty good, will definitely follow. Loved the heroine.

    Episode 2 of P4 was much better than 1 for me, so I will continue to follow.

    Ben-to was quite funny, and strangely hot. Didn't realize I had a stocking fetish until the Ice Queen strut her stuff.

    So yeah, not a terrible season after all.
  9. Rethice
    2011-10-13 23:18
    Haha fair call, I just really want to make Moevertures watch it so we don't have to worry about spoilers.

    As for the "issue". Meh, I'll just make the most of the way things are now until things change.
  10. Pocari_Sweat
    2011-10-13 22:53
    To be honest, I'm actually not that keen for FSN marathon, considering how good Fate/Zero is . It's a significant downgrade - like going from Windows 7 to Windows Vista . But hangout/drinks might be good. Plus we got that "issue" to sort out too beforehand... (Matt still hasn't got back to me, so I'm going to give him a buzz tonight)

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