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Conversation Between Da~Mike and KarmiDex
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  1. KarmiDex
    2009-09-21 05:30
    Hey Mikeeeeey~ (can I call you that? xD)
    I know you may think this is slightly or confusingly unnecesary but anyhow..
    I haven't been visiting this forum for a long time due to many distraction got in the way so I sorta neglected my visits here.

    xD Though I read your posts in the threads we posted in and I was just thinking I should reply for a while cause I feel horrible for delaying and such.
    Though I don't feel like replying there so like >.>; I rather just drop a message here since well xD I just really feel honored-somewhat cause you sorta seem to take quite alot of time to reply to my random silliness and stuff.

    Though anyhow...
    Omg I can't believe you visited Malaysia before! D= I kinda looked down on Malaysia so much to know this country is worth to be visited xD and I desire to actually migrate away from here. I've already planned so. Either gonna accommodate in Canada or Korea (family's gonna move there xD) and US (soon and permanently).
    But yeah I'll just say that the nicest things about Malaysia is just the historical stuff you can explore around here and as you said, architecture and such.
    I think when you mentioned you've ate and enjoyed so much of Malaysia's cuisine and also said about the spice, you must be referring to this one dish called 'Nasi Lemak' xD Its very commonly famous here anyway. And its really nice too because you not only get one choice of delicacy but also like variety of choices. Malay cuisine, Chinese and Indian...
    Maybe you can come for another visit :3 and I can so be your tour guide!
    xD LOLOL even though we barely know each other but I really am pleased to know we can be friends xD;;; I hope that doesn't like...sound odd.

    Well I'm just saying that incase you plan for another visit to Malaysia, I'll gladly your friendly tour guide xD or yeah well...yeah.

    And about the friend...
    >>; ugh...I don't even feel like mentioning sometimes.
    Just right on time I was writing this message, he pissed me off by promising something he knows he can't promise, then said 'Okay sure brb' and make it seem like he'll come back seconds later - except the only frustrating problem is, he sorta delayed an hour and then had me worried, by the time he came back and I insist he tell me what took him so long, he wouldn't tell me. I mean, I think I have the right to know what was his reason for delay and making me wait like a sore duck. (I could've sworn but I'm tolerating it). But he told me like 'You know you should just let it go - it doesn't even matter' and I was like 'WHAT? DOESN'T MATTER? Of course it matters because you made me wait like an idiot!'
    But then again is like when he points it out as if it was my fault, he makes me feel like I should feel guilty cause I'm such an impatient child.
    I swear though I nearly cried cause I kept spamming the chat window like an idiot. I probably sound pathetic to say that but I am quite a heavily emotional person anyway and not afraid to admit it. But I think I'm also feeling really down wondering why do I even care so much...

    Okay erm I'm sorry for actually dumping so much rants here. ><; Forgive me.
    But I guess I kinda need to let that out at some point...and I don't even really know who to talk to about it. Majority of my friends whom I've been ranted to keep suggesting I just do something about it but sometimes they don't understand that I just want someone to listen and comfort me if they can. I sound selfish but meh...

    >>; I kinda wanted to PM all this but then again xD I guess its fairly okay to post a visitor message of all this.

    I'm also wondering, if you happen to have like...maybe MSN email or something that I can add to IM xD? I mean, if you don't mind I add you in MSN that is. But anyhow I really don't mind keeping in touch via posting in visitor messages. xD Any way works I guess.

    Best of luck for everything! :3 Oh and considering how much I ranted and feel bad about it, I really have to say that if you feel you need someone to talk to or anything at all, I don't mind being around. xD Sounds cliche but yeah. x3

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