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Conversation Between Noe and Deathkillz
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  1. Deathkillz
    2009-01-18 12:16
    Well I've been meaning to make one but just haven't had the time (or the drive) to do so yet so no ^^'
  2. Noe
    2009-01-17 11:52
    I've been wondering for a while but do you have a MyAnimeList account? ^__^;
  3. Deathkillz
    2008-10-29 21:18
    Yea, it will go back to normal and increase when people give you green rep ^^
  4. Noe
    2008-10-28 14:41
    it's red.. NO, do I get some kind of privilege revoked then? >.> (possible to reverse the - points?)
    p.s. ty for accepting my befriendment. ;d
  5. Deathkillz
    2008-10-27 22:01
    Judging by the comment, it looks like it is a bad cookie.

    If the rep in your user page is red instead of green then it means that it is negative.

    But at least the person told you who he was
  6. Noe
    2008-10-27 20:31
    oh, heh. ;d
    btw, do you know what this means?
    Latest Reputation Received
    Thread Date Comment
    Espada and Vizard... 2008-10-26 20:44 For necro-ing a useless thread - Langus

    Apparently, I got 9 points for doing that..good/bad? ;o
  7. Deathkillz
    2008-10-27 19:46
    I mean that he took it without asking

    But it doesn't matter, it was free to use anyway ^^
  8. Noe
    2008-10-26 15:40
    lulz, wow. like how'd he steal, he asked if he could use it or somethin'?
  9. Deathkillz
    2008-10-25 21:04
    Well, originally it was a siggy made just for me, but then he went and stole it

    But yea, I made it XD
  10. Noe
    2008-10-25 21:01
    hi, just curious, did you make Demi's awesome Fate sig? ;o

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