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Conversation Between dangodaikazoku and miroku2192
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  1. miroku2192
    2009-09-03 13:54
    Oh, i'll be blunt, i never really truly understood why some of my taiwanese friends might get a little "offended" when i say they're from china haha. But they know i don't mean it.

    Anyway, so are you still in taiwan right now? Or have you moved to the US? I'm assuming you speak fluent chinese right?
  2. dangodaikazoku
    2009-09-03 13:15
    Are you from china?
    That depends on your political views (I have none) as I was born in Taiwan . I've only been to the Mainland once.
  3. miroku2192
    2009-09-03 08:17
    Ahh, yes it does make sense in chinese, but it's rather ironic though.

    Haha, oh well. Are you from china?
  4. dangodaikazoku
    2009-09-03 06:49
    Hahahahahaha, sorry to disappoint, but I'm in the same boat as you
    Chinese and English, no Japanese. Any Japanese that I happen to understand is thanks to the kanji.

    [Edit] Hmm... maybe you thought I knew Japanese because of what I posted regarding 「夜露死苦」 in the Clannad thread. Well, that makes sense in Chinese too, doesn't it? ^^;
  5. miroku2192
    2009-09-02 19:31
    Hey dango, so i assume you know japanese right? (fluently?) I'm looking into learning japanese, so i was hoping i could chat with someone to improve my japanese faster. Is that fine with you? I only know a little, but would like to learn to become fluent.

    I know english and chinese, so if there's an interest in either, i could always try to help in return :P.

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