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Conversation Between dangodaikazoku and Tak
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  1. Tak
    2009-09-01 18:52
    I did not vote, as I was nowhere near a voting booth I am just happy that the transition is made possible, since a peaceful transition of power is what makes a democracy a democracy. That, and I think the Japanese Diet would need a lot more energy than what they have now.

    As for my faith in the new ruling party? I am not too sure, I prefer to sit back and wait. I do like some of its policies, such as a more independent stance on Japanese diplomacy and approach to world affairs.

    Furthermore, while I do welcome more women into the realm of Japanese politics, I am reminded that there aren't many women in Japanese politics, and suddenly bringing in a platoon may be a bit difficult to manage. The adjustment would take a while.
  2. dangodaikazoku
    2009-09-01 18:21
    Hey, weren't you the one with the DPJ banner? 「政權交代,成了!」 or something like that? (sorry, typing in Chinese as I don't know Japanese pronunciation, but I guess you get the idea) [Edit] Yes that's you... just clicked on your "About Me" page and saw signature

    Are you Japanese/did you vote? Nice to see the DPJ has won but the LDP animated commercials were awesome.

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