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Conversation Between blue skies and The Chaos
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  1. The Chaos
    2010-12-31 10:15
    The Chaos
    Happy New Year
  2. The Chaos
    2009-03-01 05:30
    The Chaos
    I Did that Because when I love anime I can't Stop watching XD
    It My favorite anime too but Skip beat and SaiMono go to my 5 favorite animes first

    OMG....we think the same ..1) hate Sho 2) want Ren and Kyoko end up together
    I do love the anime should watch it
  3. blue skies
    2009-02-28 01:16
    blue skies
    15 times? Whoa, awesome. I wish I could do that with Ouran -- I loved it to death. It's one of my favorite shoujo anime of all time. :>

    Ohmigosh yes, I read Skip Beat, and I love it. But I hate Sho with a burning passion ;<. I want Kyouko to end up with Ren -- they're just perfect for each other. I still haven't started the anime, though. Are you watching it, and is it as good as the manga?
  4. The Chaos
    2009-02-26 08:32
    The Chaos
    wow you also fan of Lockon ..I'm only fan of the lockon in S1 ..

    too bad I didn't started reading Ouran host club Although I watched the anime more than 15 time you read or watch Skip beat ?
  5. blue skies
    2009-02-25 00:47
    blue skies
    I'm glad I'm not the only one, lol. Even Tieria's name sounds girly. But I have fallen in love with Lockon. <3

    I haven't been reading much lately either. I've fallen wayyyy behind on most manga I'm following, lol. I've been reading Ouran Host Club, and it just keeps getting better lately. Chapter 69 isn't translated, but it's out and omg, Tamaki is so cute. It's hilarious.
  6. The Chaos
    2009-02-24 03:38
    The Chaos
    from seen one ep Sebastian is Lovely
    and LOL everyone thought Tieria was girl until hearing his voice but Gundam00 is AWESOME so keep watching it

    for anime I been watching many animes I just finished yesterday "Peach girl"
    but or manga nothing these days

    what about do you watch good anime/manga ?
  7. blue skies
    2009-02-23 23:52
    blue skies
    I haven't watched the anime at all, so we're both missing out on the Sebastian eye candy. :< Plus, I just started Gundam 00 and I seriously thought Tieria was a girl. I've never seen a Gundam series before, so I felt pretty stupid. XD

    Been watching/reading anything good lately?
  8. The Chaos
    2009-02-23 06:09
    The Chaos
    I Read the manga but Stopped at chapter 15/16 ..didn't see the whole anime only one ep >_>
    I been busy with other anime ..But I need to watch Kuroshitsuji

    and Thanks Avatar was Made by Malin-Chan ^__^
  9. blue skies
    2009-02-23 00:49
    blue skies
    lol, Kuroshitsuji fan? You have wonderful taste, lovely. <3

    Is your avatar from Vocaloid? omg, she's so cute.
  10. The Chaos
    2009-02-22 16:56
    The Chaos
    Oh...Thanks for the Sweet words but nothing Cuter than your Ciel Avatar
    and I hope you Enjoyed your Birthday day

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