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Conversation Between blue skies and cloak_and_dagger
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  1. cloak_and_dagger
    2011-09-02 08:16
    blue! you're alive again!!
  2. blue skies
    2010-03-23 00:28
    blue skies
    I still want the details, whenever you have time. Feels like forever since I last talked to you! Speaking of the sandwich situation, how are things going? Are there battles for your affection? You should totally start a harem, cloak. You've got the looks, brains and buckets of charm. And they're already crowding around you!

    I don't have much to report at the moment. Your life is more interesting than mine, lol. I am currently living on my own for the first time in my life. I think it's going to be good for me. Work kind of ate me alive last week, so I'm hoping I can take it easy for a while now. I'm thinking of buying a new camera. Or at least I was, until I blew $40 on the new Pokemon game last week. What is wrong with me.

    Also are you watching any anime right now?
    Oh god. Once upon a time, I made a thread in the suggestions subforum and ended up with a gigantic list of series I wanted to watch. I just really got started on it a few months ago, so yeah. I'm trying to watch way too much right now. I can't remember who told me to try Mononoke, but I wish I could like, give them a kiss through my computer screen. Right now I'm watching Durarara!! and loving it like nothing else ever, and trying to finish up Twelve Kingdoms. And I just started Bartender, and I think I'm in love.

    Still haven't gotten around to the second season of DTB. :< What are you watching? Anything awe-inducing out there you can recommend?
  3. cloak_and_dagger
    2010-03-15 14:21
    I am!

    That's great blue! Caffeine is good for you 8D! I've been much better, but hanging in there with school and that sandwich situation I told you about a while back...hopefully it'll improve soon. Too busy now to add details I'm afraid . How's work and everything
    else though? Also are you watching any anime right now?
  4. blue skies
    2010-03-14 00:30
    blue skies
    Cloak! You're alive!

    I've just been peachy. The weather's starting to get warmer, and it's making me a happy lady. That, or all the caffeine I've had today is making me feel unusually cheerful.

    How in the world have you been? It's been forever since we talked! Give me all the details.
  5. cloak_and_dagger
    2010-03-12 13:44
    blueeeee! I'm alive again~ . How are you?
  6. blue skies
    2010-01-17 15:40
    blue skies
    Hey cloak! It's been a while! I've been doing pretty well these days. I've just moved (again) and work ate me (...again), but staying busy is good. I get way too lazy if I don't have something to do. I swear I am going to get better about remembering Asuki exists.

    How have you been? How's school? I want all the details, cloak. And I hope you had a great Christmas and lovely new year! At least it's warm down there, right?

    d-(looks at avatar) nekkid november 11!!
    You know you want some of this.
  7. cloak_and_dagger
    2009-12-20 19:52
    blueeeee cloaky-san misses you! how are you d-(looks at avatar) nekkid november 11!!
    lol, how are you though?

    Edit: just saw the news, my deepest condolences *hug*
  8. cloak_and_dagger
    2009-08-17 23:26
    Can't fault you blue, I'm replying late as well lol. Beng an adult does suck.
    I want my childhood back!

    For your shielding services, of course you'll get to play in the ocean every day! . I'll majorly splash you though >=D. I went yesterday, actually. Teenyboppers galore D:; had to run for cover! My dog bit someone tonight D:!. The guy was fuming as my mum tld me. No wonder someone tried to poison him before ... Gonna have to leash him now

    Freelancing is fun but I'm getting tired of the word ''pro bono'' lol. I'll soon erase it from my brain's dictionary. It does beat waiting tables though, though the latter pays more. I'm just freelancing to beef up my portfolio. Artsy things..i have been doing stuff, like trying to improve on my painting, but nothing of note really.

    "moeblob"...LOL. I agree, as long as she kicks derriere and lacks morals and/or sanity, she's good in my books . If I don't get my HeixYin or HeixMisaki moments, I'll thorw a tantrum(yes, I'm an aggressive shipper :heh. I hated November 11 at first, because he killed Hei's friend..I loved her so T_T. Coming down to the end he was cooler than cool though . I actually have no idea when it will air. I heard from November to March, but I can't confirm it. We'l have to play the waiting game, won't we?
  9. blue skies
    2009-08-12 16:30
    blue skies
    Late reply, all apologies cloak. Being an adult sucks, amirite?

    If I can go play in the ocean every day, I promise I'll come shield you from your brother, lol. Freelancing sounds pretty cool! Beats spending hours a day in an office or waiting tables. Have you been doing lots of other artsy things this summer?

    I did see the DTB moeblob. I was all, "what is this I don't even" but then, if she's a crazy killer loli and kicks lots of butt, I can get used to her. Just as long as Hei and Yin are still in it at least a little -- it wouldn't feel right without them. I'm going to miss November 11 like burning though, I loved him. Is it really going to air this fall, or was that just a rumor?
  10. cloak_and_dagger
    2009-08-03 11:58
    All is going well, just dreading returning to school D:! That's great that work is going well, I'm happy for you . Not really a job, but I'm freelancing now. It's...interesting lol.
    My brother is coming in next Friday D:, he's gonna kill me T_T. Be my shield blueee :3, emasculation is the least of my problems right now, rofl. Did you see the lead girl of DTB2? she looks moe :O

    Thanks, I love your avatar t-IT's A TRAP! D:! lol
    I remember, oh I remember XD

    Thanks, had to show em ol' Cloaky's brain isn't that rusty and the Hime love is still there xD.

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