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Conversation Between MalakTawus and Nixl
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  1. MalakTawus
    2011-12-04 15:58
    Oh no no,don't worry.I don't care about the negative rep in itself,i just found it strange that you would get mad for that joke so i wanted to clear the misunderstanding.
    ....but in the end it wasn't you that was mad for that "I'll kill you",lol.
    Oh well, it seems that recently there are several people giving neg rep around, if they are happy with that good for them,as long as there is no misunderstanding with the veterans of that board that contribute actively to the discussion i'm perfectly ok.
    Sorry for the trouble,c u!
  2. Nixl
    2011-12-04 13:55
    It was not I sir, since I thought it was pretty funny. It is strange that I never got a negative rep for that original comment, but you got one. Sorry that happened to you.
  3. MalakTawus
    2011-12-04 08:37
    Just for curiosity,were you the one to give me negative rep for the joke in this post?

    I saw that neg rep only now so i just want it to be clear that it was a simple joke, i didn't think someone could be mad for something like that.
    I don't care about rep points at all,just wanted to make it clear that i wasn't serious at all and that "I'll kill you" had not even 1% of evil meaning.
  4. Nixl
    2011-11-07 21:09
    Believe me, I loved Tali. She made me enjoy ME1 and ME2, but I just cannot look around ME3 or justify the money spent. As far as Oblivion, that made me cry. The entire story was awefule. "Hey now I am the dragon and you are the emperor." It was terrible. I loved the shit out of Morrowind. Love it. Skyrim will probably be okay, but still somewhat dumbed down.

    I truth I just like RPGs and Blizzard products (a surprise?). I am extremely picky about games for some reason. Almost intolerably so. All that is really on my to do list is Witcher 2 and Alpha Protocol once I get a better computer. Aside from that I am just waiting for Heart of the Swarm and maybe Diablo 3.

    Bioware is on my shitlist most definitely after what they did to the Old Republic. I do not know if you played the Kotor series, but what they did to Kreia, the Exile, and Revan accounts to murder in my mind. Me3 is just another reason I am starting to dislike them.
  5. MalakTawus
    2011-11-07 21:00
    Oh i see your point,but since i don't want to spoil too much the story for me,i guess i'll have to form my opinion playing the game.
    I like Tali too much to give up on the game and personally i have a problem connecting with the story (and characters) if i'm not the one playing so youtube is not an option for fate to buy the game is sealed,lol.
    .......and the funny thing is that i'm not a ME crazy fan since i prefer jrpgs generally,i just got too attached to some characters.

    .....well, soon Skyrim will be out so i'll have some fun creating "Claire" and going around killing dragons (training for dragon kin,lol)....a hope that Skyrim will be great even if i know almost surely i won't be impressed by the story (Oblivion's main quest was so least imo).

    Anyway i'm happy to have met another fellow gamer
  6. Nixl
    2011-11-07 19:39
    I posted my views in the Mass Effect 3 post in the game subsection and that probably sums up what I am ranting about.
  7. Nixl
    2011-11-07 19:27
    Personally, my main issue with the spoilers are the larger plot points rather than the companion's fates. Bioware still has not broken out of its reliance for random twists for the shock factor and magic buttons. As far as gameplay, I personally found ME2 far too repetitive.

    It is not worth my money if I know I will not enjoy it. Personally I like some of the characters a lot, such as Tali, but I would rather save my money and watch what happens to her over youtube.

    edit: I would still love to hear your opinion of it though. So do tell me what you think of it.
  8. MalakTawus
    2011-11-07 18:46
    You plan to skip ME3? It's a pity.......especially since i heard that those spoilers don't take in consideration possible changes caused by the player with his choice (for example nothing is said about the possible romances) and Bioware probably will change some things since they are quite disappointing by the leak.
    Well, since i'll take it at day one i'll tell you my personal opinion after i test the game myself....really hope it won't be a disappinting end (but tbh i doubt a game like that will have only one ending )
  9. Nixl
    2011-11-07 08:57
    Well that's good. Personally, the later spoilers just put me over the top and I will probably skip ME3. I especially hate the conclusion. I liked Tali, Garrus, and Wrex, but I do wish they will do better with Legion and Mordin in the coming months.
  10. MalakTawus
    2011-11-07 08:48
    Thanx for the ME3's spoilers!!!
    Spoiler for spoiler:

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