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Conversation Between MalakTawus and SpiritOfGray
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  1. MalakTawus
    2011-06-07 17:42
    The only fighting game board that i'm following right now is the "Soul Calibur V" (i'm an huge fan of Taki,lol)....anyway now that i know your nick i won't miss to say "hi" when i see your posts around!
  2. SpiritOfGray
    2011-06-07 12:25
    I just got into jrpgs and rpgs...basically FF13, Persona 3 FES and Persona 4. I focus on fighting games normally.

    Yea I'm a member there, and have been for a long while. I hang out around some anime unions and designing ones. My gs name is spiritwave. I usually keep the word spirit in most of my nicknames.
  3. MalakTawus
    2011-06-07 09:22
    No i don't hang around unions,but i frequent ps3's boards of rpgs generally (like Final Fantasy XIII-2,Versus,Skyrim....) since i love both wrpgs and jrpgs.
    Of course i love even other type of games though,not only rpgs.

    Btw i didn't ask,but are you also a GS (or GFaqs) user?With the same nickname?
  4. SpiritOfGray
    2011-06-07 06:51
    Ah, that's cool. You don't happen to hang around any unions there do you? I go by spiritwave if ya ever see me.
  5. MalakTawus
    2011-06-07 04:56
    I watched the conferences yesterday and use the exact same nickname there.
  6. SpiritOfGray
    2011-06-06 17:37
    Wow...this is gonna be random, but I saw you on gs today posting a comment about knew the name looked familiar...never would have guessed you were from the Claymore forums tho.

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