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Conversation Between MalakTawus and MisterJB
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  1. MisterJB
    2011-02-21 13:35
    I just noticed a very old discussion that we had. It was about Elfen Lied and I never answered. Sorry 'bout that.
  2. MalakTawus
    2011-02-21 13:29
    I think you sent me a message by mistake........but since i'm curious,what manga were you talking about?
  3. MisterJB
    2011-02-21 13:01
    I'll say. Judging by the style of the drawyings, I expected some kind of Harem High School story. Instead, it was a very violent manga with a compelling storyline who even managed to approach adult themes (altough it did get silly sometimes, like with the girl who kept soiling herself, I really didn't see the point of that character) and have some very good cliffhangers.
    What ruined the manga a bit for me was the sappy and forced ending.
  4. MalakTawus
    2010-12-04 21:30
    Well,in those posts it seems i'm really obstinate about this matter,but in the end i'm just "playing a role".
    I understand your theory about Miria's mirage vs Claire's QS.
    In the end the key point would be to know the differences in speed between those techniques (without it it's just opinion vs opinion),if Miria can dodge the QS she should have the upper hand,if not Claire's QS would be the one to win.
    Personally since i think that the QS is a lot faster than Miria's max speed (whatever it may be) my conclusion is that Miria can't win againt Claire......
    Like i said i have no definite proof,just some thoughts about the problem that a warrior may have if they move too fast (the problems that Claire had in QoB mode) and that Claire solved used awakened arms......but what other solution could find Miria to control a similar speed??(but imo even QoB' speed is still far from QS speed though...)
    On the other hand increasing QS speed doesn't cause all those problems.

    Yes!!!That's Lucy!
    I really loved Elfen Lied,the first time i saw the 1st ep. i didn't know anything about the story and i couldn't belive what was going on on the
    I aspected something COMPLETELY different,if you know what i mean.
  5. MisterJB
    2010-12-04 20:57
    Well, think about Clare vs Rigardo. Clare had the Qs and she stood no chance until she Awakened her legs, and even then she had to Awaken her arms before she could kill him. And I remember Rigardo blocking what could be the QS.

    Anyway, I agree that QS's 360 cover is the perfect defense. I actually remember debating that this would be Clare's only way to defend herself against an Yoki-powered Phantom.
    Where we disagree is wether Miria's Yoki-powered Phantom could dodge the QS. So, let me put it like this: Do you think that if Miria released her Yoki after the timeskip she would be faster than Rigardo?

    But yes, there's really no way of knowying for sure how fast Miria can go unless she comes back to the manga.

    BTW, you avatar is Lucy from Elfen Lied by any chance?
  6. MalakTawus
    2010-12-04 20:40
    I read it and to be honest i'm not completely sure what you mean with not perfect mirage.....pheraps you mean a mirage that is not done at full speed so it appears a bit different and is more predictable?
    But what i don't understand is that it doesn't change a lot for Claire since she can cover herself at even if the perfect mirage is faster and more unpredictable,it still can't be faster than the QS.
    And IMO Miria old phantom was already close to how fast a normal warrior can possibly move,infact Claire QoB went faster than that but she had to use "not human" ways to control that unbelivable are we really sure that a normal warrior can go that fast and control the speed?
    Considering that Miria already had problems in connecting fluent actions at the old mirage's speed,and to gain that fluidity she had to slow down a bit,i'd say that even if Miria maybe could go even faster than before i doubt she can go a lot more fast and at the same time control perfectly her movements.Unfortunately unless Miria is still alive we'll never know for sure if she can realy go faster than her old mirage AND control the fluidity of the movements at the same time.
  7. MalakTawus
    2010-12-04 19:30
    I missed your edit.Reading now....
  8. MisterJB
    2010-12-04 19:10
    Let me ask you something since you didn't answer in your last post directed to me.
    Am I to assume that you understood the difference that I talked about when I mentioned the "perfect" and "imperfect" Mirages?

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