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Conversation Between MalakTawus and revan5
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  1. revan5
    2011-12-14 15:45
    Spoiler for RBN's first efforts at visualizing "Claymore: New Era" as a manga:

    This, my friend, is how you do a fanfic right! What you're looking at is the initial five panels of "Claymore: New Era", which Bmesias063/Royal Blue Nazi (of Animesuki) is working on. Please let me know what you think of the work so far.
  2. MalakTawus
    2011-07-18 18:15
    I'll say just this: 10+ for Miria's bust ........ehm,now that i have a better look even her dress is really gorgeous,but well,let's just say that i was a bit distracted
  3. revan5
    2011-07-17 18:57

    Just try to keep your hands off of her; I bet you wouldn't be able to help yourself.
  4. MalakTawus
    2011-03-04 04:21
    Miria in that picture is so hot (especially the visible skin of her legs.....i'm beginning to feel like a perv,lol).
    She was always great,but after this chap Miria is definitely gone up a level in my preferences above Irene (well,Claire is still the best for me)
  5. revan5
    2011-03-02 23:30

    Malak, meet your new goddess. Let me know if you can't see what should be a jaw-dropping picture of Miria and Renee in their armor.
  6. MalakTawus
    2011-02-20 20:40
    Spoiler for humor:
  7. revan5
    2011-02-20 19:28
    Hope you don't mind the humor Malak. I may end up adding one of your opponents to the "educational film" script eventually.
  8. MalakTawus
    2011-01-05 15:10
    OMG!She's damn hot!!!
    Even her dress and her sword are absolutely gorgeous,this will be a great cover indeed for your story!!!
  9. revan5
    2011-01-05 12:22

    I present thee the antagonist Claymore has been so sorely needing! Ok, ok, so she's a fan-created original character, but you can't tell me she isn't impressive, eh?
  10. MalakTawus
    2011-01-03 12:57
    Btw i obviosly understood the satira about my posting style,but i surely don't agree that (like Gooral said) my facts and proofs are just my wishful thinking,and i can say this because my post style is exactly the opposite of that, since my posts are almost always in the realm of "possible but not certain".
    Infact i generally don't agree when someone talks about something like it's a fact when in truth it's just a speculation.
    Anyway i loved that post,it was funny and i absolutely don't mind to be mocked in that way,on the contrary i hope you'll bring something similar again in the future,when you have the "right inspiration".

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