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Conversation Between MalakTawus and Galatea33
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  1. Galatea33
    2010-01-01 06:06

    Happy New Year, MT~!
  2. Galatea33
    2009-12-24 20:50
    MT Merry Christmas Hope you have a great time and Happy Holidays !
  3. Galatea33
    2009-09-06 19:02
    *MT^^ good luck w/ your study =D
  4. Galatea33
    2009-08-31 12:00
    It's okay ;>, I;m pretty much around cos got much things to do now in front of the computer. so can't deny the temptation to browse the internet....

    I'm still listening , sadly my internet's lagging on me so I need longer time now to load everything, but I'll manage ;>

    Yaaa, can;t wait for chap. 95 also ^^, however, it's nice to hear again from you ^u^w
  5. MalakTawus
    2009-08-31 11:55
    Yeah,i came back!I'm happy to know that you are listening to some of the italian singers that i suggested you!Let me know if there are others that you like!
    Btw in this period i'm quit busy studying so i don't know if i'll be around in this forum very much, but since it's almost time for ch.95.......
  6. Galatea33
    2009-08-31 11:25
    MT^^ long time no see ^^!
  7. Galatea33
    2009-08-10 10:36
    Elisa on 'waves' sounded so much like Alanis, but maybe it's becos' the character of the song is similar and they're both are emotionally natural ^^ nicey

    *still listening some more
  8. Galatea33
    2009-08-07 23:30
    Great! Thank you so much, I'm starting to listen to it one by one ~
  9. MalakTawus
    2009-08-07 16:15
    Hi!Don't trust my "online status",my pc is almost always online.....but probably it's true that our times on the forum are quite different.
    Btw it seems i didn't see one of your messages so.....about italian's a bit difficult for me 'cause my fav ones are singer-songwriter so the important part in their songs is the text and i'm not sure that they are good to listen without knowing what they are singing....but maybe i'm wrong so i'll give you some names if you are interested: Luciano Ligabue and Vasco Rossi for italian rock; and Francesco Guccini and Fabrizio De Andrč for a more "classic songs"; Andrea Bocelli for his great voice;Laura Pausini (very famous otside Italy), Eros Ramazzotti (i don't like him a lot....but he's famous too),Jovanotti (rap and hip-hop)
    and Elisa (famous in USA and her songs are generally in english so you can understand them....full name is Elisa Toffoli).....obviously there are a lot more,but i'd say that this could be a good start.
  10. Galatea33
    2009-08-07 15:04
    Yooo how are you
    You seem to online at my shutdown hours

    Just wanting to say hi hope everything's well

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