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Conversation Between Kogetsu Shirogane and synaesthetic
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  1. synaesthetic
    2013-03-28 15:14
    Wow that was a long while ago.

    What I meant by "non-branching branch" was that you had options, but they didn't seem to actually cause the story to branch. You'd go with A, B or C, but either one you chose the story would continue on in a linear path.

    Since I do game design as well as writing (currently rather occupied with a large project), it's important that if you're going to have branching dialogue options, that each branch leads to a different place--even if the goal isn't actually "different" (like, you still have to talk to certain people regardless, or defeat a certain enemy, though this sort of thing doesn't really occur in VNs) make the different choices "feel" different.
  2. Kogetsu Shirogane
    2013-03-28 12:12
    Kogetsu Shirogane
    Sorry for the way-way-late response... It's been so long, you probably don't even remember what it is I'm talking about.

    Anyway, I'm rather obviously a bit of an amateur when it comes to writing, so any advice you'd have would be more than welcome. May I just ask what you meant about the non-branching branches? I'll admit at least one choice is a bit superfluous, and I'd definitely like to avoid that in the future.

    Oh right. Before I forget, thanks for taking the time to read what I had written.

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