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Conversation Between NervZero and Pain113
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  1. Pain113
    2011-08-05 03:10
    Ahh I see...
  2. NervZero
    2011-07-27 23:01
    Crest of the Stars...
    Space Drama, Politics......
  3. Pain113
    2011-07-25 14:17
    Lol... I've never heard of Crest of the Star
    What's it about?
    Pleasure talking with you
  4. NervZero
    2011-07-24 19:48
    Favorite anime of all times has to be Crest of the Stars granted I hate the ending.......... So I'm not really sure why its my favorite anime...
  5. Pain113
    2011-07-22 13:47
    Cool cool
    I like the pairing NaruXSaku but i like NaruXHina more
    What are your favourite Animes or Mangas? Mine are Naruto, Bleach, Wolf' Rain, Deathnote & Claymore
  6. NervZero
    2011-07-21 03:20
    Hey pain... my fav naruto episodes......... hmm...... well i really enjoy the newer episodes the most because i finally get to see some kind of relationship develop between Naruto and Sakura... But as for older episodes has to be the one where naruto farts on the beetle....
  7. Pain113
    2011-07-19 14:58
    Hey there nice to meet you My name is Pain113
    Cheers for joining my gruop Naruto Shippuuden
    May I ask what are your fav animes or mangas?

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