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Conversation Between Theron and Dann of Thursday
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  1. Dann of Thursday
    2009-03-11 16:55
    Dann of Thursday
    That's good to hear.

    I'm fine for the moment. There is nothing particularly exciting going on at the moment. Just getting through school as usual now like always.

    Yeah, there haven't been any developments that I would call surprising. Except for maybe the giant clone army. And yes, I read the newest chapter and it was awesome. The best part for me was the end where Envy pissed off Mustang. I also found Riza's comment about her bullets not working on anything anymore to be quite funny.
  2. Theron
    2009-03-11 14:05
    Yo! I'm feeling great again, finally! Also I'm having something like a vacation before I take a specialization course of sorts in a couple of months.

    How are you doing?

    Have to say, it's amusing how G00 progressed exactly how I imagined it would. On the other things, I'm really exited at how things are going with FMA (manga of course). Have you read 93rd chapter?
  3. Dann of Thursday
    2009-03-04 14:28
    Dann of Thursday
    Yeah, I thought they were pretty lame as well. I personally like the original game designs a bit more than the ones used in the anime. The design for the glasses is a bit different and a bit better to me as well. And I agree that more often than not the characters with glasses look lame though there are exceptions here and there.

    Yes, it felt very nice. It was a different anime for me to say the least, but it was an enjoyable experience in any case.

    Eh, either it happens or it doesn't. Of the options possible, I'd really this one be the last one they decide to go with. I mean, I could possibly see the song somehow encouraging Setsuna or something, which isn't quite as bad I suppose.

    I wouldn't say he is crazy exactly. He was trained into being a heartless killing machine and I'd say he has progressed a bit from that, though he still seems awkward in his social skills. I'd say he did progress from the first season as he seemed (at the start of the season) to be much more of a leader as well as being more involved with the rest of CB. I also can't say he seems very god-like yet, though it would be somewhat ironic if he did become like that given he was one who professed as not believing in a God.

    She simply doesn't seem to have done much. I personally thought she was going to become much more involved, but it hasn't happened on the level I had thought. I understand she is supposed to be the voice of peace for this show, but it still feels like she doesn't do much at all.

    Back in season 1, Saji and Louise fufilled a purpose of giving us a look of how civilians view this sort of thing and then showing us how war affects them. Then we saw them eventually become a part of that world, which I thought was pretty good in terms of development. Eh, I seem to be rambling.

    Well, we'll see where they go. No telling for sure. What sort of annoys me is how some characters seem to have vanished or barely ever do anything.

    Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. Take it easy. I don't get sick very often myself though today both my sisters are at home with something. Hope you get better soon.
  4. Theron
    2009-03-04 11:14
    Funny thing. Shiki's glasses were like the only thing I was kind of annoyed with. Though that annoyance was more general. I mean, why do anime characters always wear these ugly square glasses? Couldn't they wear at least a little bit more stylish ones? Why do ally characters with glasses have to look like complete losers just by the fact that they have bad eyesight?

    Anyways, I'm glad that you liked it. I liked the way romance ways displayed. It felt really natural. You know, in a way that they themselves don't really know about it, but they are already in sync so to speak. That was really nicely done.

    Going back to G00 discussion, I'm really afraid at thins point of the song. Its like a huge planet-sized sword of Damocles dwelling over G00 ending. The danger of this ending with a crappy song bringing a world wide peace and prosperity is filled with pathetic pretence and pathos to the point I might end up disgusted with the show.

    Right now there are two characters that are most dangerous - Setsuna and Marina. Setsuna, who the better half of the show was able to only say "Gundam" and was clearly severely traumatized as a child with looks like have progressed to simply being crazy and unresponsive. Giving him 00 Gundam is like giving Red Button to a 6 year old; moreover - now it seems he becomes god-like. Literally. All knowing, all powerful and his eyes glow. Oh, yeah, and he doesn't talk like normal humans do. How much more god-like one can get?

    Marina on the other hand was like a martyr for the whole length of the show. She had no other purpose aside from appearing with a painfully sorrowful face and sighed. (teeth pain?)

    And now I almost see author's hands itching to make them does something major at the end. That is what's scary.

    In any case, I've got some more to say, but I'm kind of sick right now and I feel a bit disorientated. You know, when you have a minor temperature it harder to focus. Meh, I hate to be like that.
  5. Dann of Thursday
    2009-03-03 17:23
    Dann of Thursday
    I finished Tsukihime. I thought it was a good series, though a part of me wishes it had been longer with episodes devoted to exploring more of the character's pasts and such. I learned quite a bit more online that had things make much more sense along with providing me with the way certain things were different. I also must agree that the music was indeed brilliant and got the mood of the show quite well.

    I thought the romance aspect of it all was quite subtle through most of the series, mainly on Shiki's end of things. In the end though I thought the whole thing was quite good and also touching. I thought the ending was sad of course and I am feeling a bit upset, though for some odd reason I actually feel hopeful about the whole thing. And I know that makes little sense given how things went, but that is how I feel.

    I must say that Type-Moon is very creative with their concepts. The magic present within the series is pretty much science and I found Shiki's eye ability to be quite unique.

    Thank you once again.
  6. Dann of Thursday
    2009-03-01 15:39
    Dann of Thursday
    Yeah, it was, but with 4 episodes left I suppose they are doing whatever they can to tie up loose ends no matter how it is done. Eh, you'd think they would want to at least let one couple get off or prove something by having Saji save her. But yeah, they'll go for something like that unfortunately.

    There has to be at least a few people. Marie needs to make her peace with Sergei's death though and I fear that will be her undoing or Alle. And what was the point of having Halle show up those times? And is it just me or have half the members of CB vanished?

    It is sort of out there and doesn't make all that much sense. Unless there is some reveal that Aoelia's goal was for humanity to evolve into Innovator like beings, but even then it is quite flimsy. And you just described exactly what I fear will happen. I can see it all now: Horrible fighting will occur until suddenly a song comes out all over the world and everyone ceases fighting to listen to the song.

    I know, the entire thing is simply unrealistic. I can't think of anyone that would honestly be okay with something like or at least anyone with some intelligence.

    Oh no, I understand entirely where you are coming from.

    Oh, that's good. I thought I was being odd or something.

    Eh, well that does turn me off just a bit. I think I'll give it a shot though. I got through Fate/Stay Night and even found a way out with that ending. Not likely here, but you can't always watch all the ones with the happy endings. Besides, I don't think I could get anymore depressing. What is it with Type-Moon and depressing though?

    I suppose they succeeded in some areas, but failed with others. I don't think anyone will argue that it could have been improved in several areas. And yeah, if we blame anyone it is Sunrise, though a part of me is fearful for what we would have gotten if everything had gone according to plan.

    It looks like these blades will be debuting next episode. Looks like they took the hint that we missed the Exia Blades.
  7. Theron
    2009-03-01 09:29
    Well, I'm not happy Mei died - this was kind of anticlimactic. About Louise I've already mentioned that I suspect that she'll die as well. Of course she will die in Saji's arms or in this dream-like space where everybody's naked. And she will tell him that he saved her and blah blah blah. All the old stereotypically tragic stuff to made things worse.

    I really hope All and Marie will get some sort of "non tragic" ending, because it seems there won't be anything even near to happy ending for anyone.

    As for Setsuna becoming an Innovator, I can only see this as a plot device to get the authors out of the hole they've dig themselves in. He will become one with 00 Gundam, he will hear Marina's song and will wish for the world to became peaceful. And that will be the ending. God, give me something to shoot myself, this is so idiotic!

    I understand when songs play key role in Macross, because it was always like that there and those songs are actually really good, but this shameful replacement for a song in 00?! Yeah, of course children are singing and yada yada yada we should all go ecstatic from joy and adoration. That only works on infantile naive idiots who think that if you show to a terrorist a puppy he will immediately melts into a pool of pink tears, confess his sins and go to the monastery. Come on! Grrr...

    Sorry, I just really dislike this way of thinking.

    Yeah, I'm on board with you with destiny and immortal love stories.

    Well, Tsukihime is a good anime, I'd even say very good, but it's also very depressing. The story is almost tragic, at the very least it felt that way at the end. Characters interaction, especially between two main is very genuine witch is a rarity these days. Music is just brilliant. But than again the story itself and the way it directed and designed is really tragic. I was depressed after I watched it for quite some time.

    Let me rephrase that. Taniguchi & co. didn't ruin everything. How much of a good job did the do - I don't know. Personally I think it could have been much better. Though we don't know what was going on behind the scenes so we can't really say what they did and how. I know one thing though: if there's someone to blame it's Sunrise.

    Edit: they stole from us again!
  8. Dann of Thursday
    2009-03-01 07:31
    Dann of Thursday
    And once again, things get worse in 00. Three more people died (though their deaths were ones I was expecting), Louise has officially lost her mind (which sort of confuses me since it had seemed like she was doing better), Marina is going to save the world with her song, and Setsuna is becoming an Innovator.

    I did sort of like that Graham finally used his real name for once, but this is still really weird. And while Setsuna being an Innovator is kind of cool, I don't feel they have completely explained why.
  9. Dann of Thursday
    2009-02-28 21:44
    Dann of Thursday
    I found the length rather odd though. Each episode was about half the length of a typical anime episode, which left me wondering as to why the did it in that fashion, though it did suit the story. I find that some of these things (not the fanservice) can actually be okay, though only when used in moderation which unfortunately is not the case for the majority of romance we see these days. I still like some first love stories, but you are right in that they have been getting kind of old. I suppose something I sometimes like to get the feel for is that whole idea of destiny, as silly or cliche as that sounds I suppose. Like with stories of immortals meeting someone after so much time or other things like that. I don't know why.

    Would you recommend Tsukihime? I know it's from the same people that created Fate/Stay Night and a bit of the plot, but is it series worth seeing?

    I suppose you can name things, but they do seem rather superficial and truly unimportant. I do remember that I came away with a much better impression of the series after I decided to watch the whole thing in one go. Sometimes, that week to week experience distorts your view of things.

    Hmm, I suppose that explains with Code Geass the various interpretations people have for the characters and how strongly many of us defend these views or support them. I suppose some of those who hate Lelouch may have bonded with Suzaku's character and thus see it through his eyes or perhaps someone else's. And I suppose I have always considered this show to be their story (though I generally included Suzaku as a part of it as well). Who would it have been for you then? And would you say that Taniguchi and co. succeeded to some degree?

    Good to know I am not alone then.

    Hmm, should we sue them for stealing out ideas? The video is pretty good in any case and I do like the design quite a lot. Too bad the show didn't go for something like this. Thanks for sharing that.
  10. Theron
    2009-02-28 20:17
    I'm glad you liked it. Sadly I couldn't find anything else quite like this anime. You know, I'm so bored with mainstream romance shows that focus on same things over and over again - fanservice, idiotic misunderstandings, constant embarrassment and overall stupid behavior - the full package. It even was funny the first couple of times, but after a thousandth time it gets rather old. I guess I've grown past naive first love kind of stories, I'd rather see something more mature. First romantic anime that presented more mature story was Kimi ga Nosomu Eien if I remember correctly. Than there was Honey and Clover, though it wasn't purely romantic anime. There's also Tsukihime, witch again wasn't purely romantic, but in my opinion dealt with much deeper love story than all of those mainstream harems & co. combined. REC though is a single more realistic one that I found this far. I mean there were no vampires, no other story besides romantic one, there also was no cliché plot device. Short, simple and as real as possible. I'm still trying to find something similar, but no luck so far. ((

    Concerning DtB, I liked the whole thing. I know, it sounds unoriginal and uncharacteristic - after all people normally do not like everything, there's always something they don't like. But I honestly can't name a single thing I didn't like about it. Well, maybe I'd liked to know more about Amber's team members, but I'm totally okay with knowing this much.

    Nah, the more you care about characters the more you get pulled into their place. Normally people care about characters only this much and I mean reasonable people. The more you care the more you'll get involved - not with the story, but with the character itself. You got attached to Lelouch and C.C. You bounded with them and thus Code Geass became C.C.' and Lelouches story in your eyes. That's normal. That is how storytelling or rather story perception works at times. Viewer bounds with a certain character and tries to view the whole story through this character's eyes. Of course that would be just this viewer's interpretation, but none the less the whole story becomes just a little bit different. The most important effect though would be emotional reaction. It shifts towards this particular character and becomes stronger as well. Ironically thins would be one of the possible reactions authors pray for. It does not happen often though.

    Oh, and by the way, I got the same thing. ^~

    Edit: Check that out! Remember we had a talk about Gundam 00 design? That Exia design was better and that 00 doesn't have any role anymore besides being God-like? Well check out that CG video Nightwing found:

    This 00/Exia hybrid looks suspiciously close to what we envisioned. They've been spying on us! ;P

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