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Conversation Between _Setsuna_ and Miri_Haptism
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  1. Miri_Haptism
    2008-10-27 12:15
    yeah I know!! gaaaah!! did you saw 4???? OMG!!! Graham is back, hahaha <X ( btw, how is school going??)
  2. _Setsuna_
    2008-10-22 15:12
    Yeeeah i've just watched it and finally Alle is baack,ofc Setsuna would never leave a friend in enemy's hands!! So f***ing awesome epi!! *_*
  3. Miri_Haptism
    2008-10-21 12:29
    yeah I saw it!! gaaaah!! and did you also saw epi 3???? >___< AWSOME!!!!
  4. _Setsuna_
    2008-10-14 13:32
    Have u seen eps 2? I'm DL it rigth now..i really can't w8 to see it !
  5. Miri_Haptism
    2008-10-08 06:15
    hahahah mee too!! I was so exctided and I loved how Setsuna fought with Exia....but now he will finally get 00!! <3 waaaaah!! I can't wait to see Alle....poor boy is held prison in a creepy, horror, Alcatraz look-a-like prison!! X___X
  6. _Setsuna_
    2008-10-07 11:32
    I've just seen the first episode of 00 S2 and..woohaaaa that was amazing !Finally i can see CBs back in action!!
  7. Miri_Haptism
    2008-10-07 01:28
    awww...thats very sweet !!! *hugs* Yeah I will try my best!! the best I can!!! lol, at least my vacation will start over two weeks and then it will be resting time!! btw did you saw 00 epi 1?? It was amazing!!!
  8. _Setsuna_
    2008-10-06 13:39
    WoW!My father it's a doctor !Yeah medicine it's hard but if u have a wish i think that you should do your best to realize it,no matter what !I guess u'll became a great doctor !
  9. Miri_Haptism
    2008-10-06 08:25
    I see, I go to University too, I study Medicine's!! Want to become a doctor It is kinda hard and my exam period is coming but I so love it and really want to do this ^___^ I have a
  10. _Setsuna_
    2008-10-05 08:24
    I go to university where I study Informatic Engineering,actually i miss some exams to take degree .And what's about you?I guess ur still studing

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