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Conversation Between vivify93 and DJ_RockmanX
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  1. DJ_RockmanX
    2010-01-02 16:29
    Do not feed the troll.
  2. vivify93
    2009-09-19 04:39
    Just one thing.

    I realize people have lives off the Internet, so if someone has their MSN status as "away" or "busy" then I most likely won't contact them unless it's an eDrama emergency. Or, very rarely, a real life drama emergency. But the second one happens less often.

    Dun' mean to sound like "OMGZ CHAT NAO PLZ" but this is a little known fact about yours truly that not many people know.
  3. vivify93
    2009-09-19 04:34
    'K, sounds fun. I should really stop being such a prude and just post my MSN address here.
  4. DJ_RockmanX
    2009-09-19 04:30
    Very good then. Perhaps we could chat outside the forum sometime as well.
  5. vivify93
    2009-09-19 04:24
    Heh, thanks. Well, I've looked at my recent posts and have removed my response to him. If there's anything else, I'm not aware, and it hasn't been brought up before.
  6. DJ_RockmanX
    2009-09-19 04:19
    You've been one of us for a long time now. You've earned your spot here.

    Just clean up the mess so that the attention whore can't be any more of a dumbass.
  7. vivify93
    2009-09-19 04:14
    ...Eh? He's a troll?

    ...Wow. I feel stupid.

    I thought he was just misunderstood or something. Then you mean my "I don't think Gogo is in FFVII" comment, right?

    Damn, here I thought that I was trolling! Jeez, Danchou, you had me worried for a second!
  8. DJ_RockmanX
    2009-09-19 04:13
    I mean troll ryan.
  9. vivify93
    2009-09-19 04:11
    My post?

    The one in the image topic with dying inside?

    Ah, sorry. I can get that...
  10. DJ_RockmanX
    2009-09-19 04:08
    Just need you to edit your post. We don't tolerate trolls, so we don't need anyone encouraging them.

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