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Conversation Between vivify93 and Tyabann
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  1. vivify93
    2009-11-30 06:04
    I only really know the manga. I've heard the manga is like over nine thousand times longer than the anime, but they're close enough.

    A gullible chick goes from Kyoto to Tokyo with the asshole she's known since childhood and also happens to be in love with, because said asshole wants to become the next Gackt; it's a shame, too, because he doesn't look completely like a twelve-year-old girl, so he'll never achieve it. Anyhow, the gullibe chick finds out that the asshole brought him with her to Tokyo because he needed a maid and she does whatever he says. Thus she decides to get revenge on him by becoming a better-known name in the business than he is. That's all I know up till now, as the manga is ongoing and I only have book one. I got to read book two though.

    It sounds terrible, but it's pretty good if you're into shojo-y stuff. It doesn't really get too shojo-y till like episode three, or book two. The main character, Kyoko Mogami (AKA "gullible chick") really shows a Haruhi-level determination. Good thing she's not as ADHD as Haruhi, though, or the show would never go anywhere.
  2. Tyabann
    2009-11-30 04:24
    I have no idea what Skip-Beat is other than the vague impression that it was terrible... what's it about?
  3. vivify93
    2009-11-30 03:42
    Nothing much. I tried watching Baccano!, but as my computer fails and I fail as well, I couldn't get proper subs or a decent-quality dub. The OP is fairly kickass. I'm trying to get back into watching more anime and not wait for friends to catch up to me and etc. I still haven't even really watched Skip-Beat!.
  4. Tyabann
    2009-11-30 03:27
    This is why we don't talk much.

    What are you up to lately?
  5. vivify93
    2009-11-30 03:23
    That's...that's really about it...
  6. Tyabann
    2009-11-29 14:57
    Uh, yeah, hi.
  7. vivify93
    2009-11-29 14:53
    I have just realized I don't talk with you. Even with Heatth and Kogetsu I've at least exchanged messages.

    So... hi there.

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