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Conversation Between alex253320 and swtrooper42
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  1. swtrooper42
    2008-10-15 19:36
    Here's some ideas for magic cards.
    Okazaki Tomoya
    Creature - Boy
    White: Mana cost 2 white, 3 colorless
    Attack 2 Block 3
    When Tomoya Okazaki comes into play, all girls receive +1/+1
    Tap: Target girl takes no damage this turn
    or Tap: Target girl receives +2/+2 until end of turn
    "I'm apparently good at taking care of others."

    Furukawa Nagisa
    Creature - Girl
    White: Mana cost 4 white
    When placed into play, player receives 2 life.
    Tap: Target creature takes no damage this turn
    Tap: Target creature receives protection from black
    "Would you like me to take you to a place in this city where wishes come true?"

    Hope these are alright.

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