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Conversation Between Nikusu and masterwok
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  1. Nikusu
    2016-09-05 00:09
    Hey buddy. Haven't seen you on Skype in forever. You're even less active than I am on this site, but I thought I'd leave a message in case some day you see this. Crazy how we'd be on here everyday and now I visit once a year and it seems you're approaching 3 years. I miss our FMP! talks. Maybe when hell freezes over, the oceans dry up, and FMP! gets a proper anime finale we'll speak again.
  2. masterwok
    2012-04-30 18:59
    Happy birthday Laice
  3. Nikusu
    2010-04-30 05:49
    Why thank you. It appears I missed your birthday by several months. I never check the bottom of AS. Happy SUPER DUPER belated birthday!
  4. masterwok
    2010-04-30 02:52
    happy birthday laice
  5. masterwok
    2009-01-25 01:37
    thanks laice they were all great AMVs
  6. Nikusu
    2009-01-24 19:13
    Mixed AMV's:
    Swords Dance I love every single anime in this video. Second OP song from Zero no Tsukaima: Futatsuki No Kishi. I made a Vocaloid version of the wedding version of this song.
    Attack of the Otaku Another AMV where I love all the anime shown. Basically... It's an AMV, on crack.
    SurgardanSen More crack with a hit of acid.
    Let's Just Be Super Cute Girls May cause epileptic seizures. So many bright fucking lights it's awesome.
    Just For A Day Love the song, love the anime, love the editing. 5 Centimeters Per Second + Ef in the same AMV? Instant love.
    Feel the Mambo Not really sure how to describe this...
    Auriga Be careful you don't fall into a mindless trance. It's happened before. It will happen again.

    11th Squad I'm not a Kenpachi fangirl, but this is still a quality trailer. Love it.

    Code Geass:
    Critical Mass "Amazing, OH MY GOD, uber cool, words cannot explain how awesome this is" AMV
    Say Ocean It's more like a MAD in terms of length and what not, but it's freaking awesome. I'll try to stop with this for Code Geass because I have endless amounts of Code Geass AMV's.

    Fate/Stay Night:
    Amaranth Love the song. Fits for FSN perfectly. Best FSN AMV for me. Awesome way to get in the mood for pre-order my GSC Saber figure.

    Memories of a Whispered You'll see why this is awesome. This coming from a girl who ABSOLUTELY HATES Fall Out Boy. I don't even know if it's Fallout or Fall Out. Either way, I hate to say this song works perfectly. You're back now so I'll just send the rest later.
    Edit: I'm continuing.
    Going Through Changes When I first started watching AMV's this was always my favorite.

    Homunculous Tribute PTII Love Sum 41 and this AMV is very well made.
    Life of a Dog PTII Love the mix. And I'm getting sick of writing details.
    FMA attracted a lot of AMV creators (and just a lot of fans) so there's too many AMV's that are awesome and I don't feel like linking them all because I want to finish this. If you want others I'll give you more.

    Ikki Tousen:
    Body-Rock High Sexy. Amazinly sexy.

    Let Them Eat Rei Almost forgot I had this! LOVE THIS VIDEO. Uses the ending song from Portal. LAWL everytime.
    Evangelion Opus Classic. Why am I still writing? Oh well.

    Ouran! Love!Angst!Crack!! Never really was fond of the song, but this AMV is AMAZING! And yeah, cracktacular. Haruhi-chan!
    High School Never Ends So VERY fitting.

    Shakugan no Shana:
    Now or Never Don't really like Bon Jovi but this AMV is still awesome.

    The Girl Who Leapt Through Time:
    Let Go Song already used in an AMV I've already posted. Awesome song, awesome movie.

    The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya:
    Enoz feat. S.O.S Brigade: "Forever" lawl Band made famous by Myspace.
    How Far We've Come One of my favorite songs the year it was released.
    Too many to continue.

    AND, that about does it. I have a lot more but these are my favorites.
  7. Nikusu
    2008-12-22 12:24
    I messed up your siggy so badly. lol Sorry. I can make you another one post-Christmas.
  8. Nikusu
    2008-11-07 01:50
    Oh yeah, go ahead if you want.
  9. masterwok
    2008-11-07 00:21
    i do like the lacus one in its own way bc its how i feel she is to me lol. do you mind if i msn you?
  10. Nikusu
    2008-11-07 00:18
    Oh. Can you take it for now? lol I can work on it some other time but I'm kind of burned out on it. You said you liked the Lacus one so that's what I modeled it after.

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