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Conversation Between Nikusu and masterwok
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  1. masterwok
    2008-11-05 21:34
    yeah thats fine if you keep them together
  2. Nikusu
    2008-11-05 21:11
    I like the second one. Do you mind if I keep them connected? Marina gets clipped by Setsuna so I'd basically have to crop out a lot of her. I can put the 00 off to the side.
  3. masterwok
  4. Nikusu
    2008-11-05 18:26
    If you can find a picture of that I can use it, but I haven't found too much good looking SetsunaxMarina art. I can't use what doesn't exist so if you want to look for that kind of scene I can wait to make the signature.
  5. masterwok
    2008-11-05 17:31
    well i thought the signature that was already made was use to much so i thought it might be better for an original one lol. kind of looking for maybe those to leaning towards a kiss or like setsuna pulling her towards him, but the pic might work. as a side note i do like that pic.
  6. Nikusu
    2008-11-05 14:51

    Is that picture alright to use for your Gundam signature? I can put the Gundam to the side. I already have this:

    That was basically your request so I'd like to make it differently for a new signature if that's okay with you.
  7. Nikusu
    2008-11-05 01:47
    Oh no. I don't expect you to detail everything you want. I actually like it when the person leaves it up to me. I obviously want you to be satisfied so if there's anything outstanding that you like I want to know, but it's also easier for me to just go with what I have in mind.
  8. masterwok
    2008-11-05 01:19
    i hope your fine with the bad details i gave you, but thanks for doing this
  9. Nikusu
    2008-11-05 01:03
    Thank you. I got it. I should have it done by tomorrow.
  10. masterwok
    2008-11-05 00:41
    posted on your signature thread

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