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Conversation Between DarkLordOfkichiku and Arabesque
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  1. Arabesque
    2011-07-31 10:41
    Maybe sometime latter in the week, since my Internet is the equivalent of dial-up atm haha -_-

    And yeah other things, which includes freaking out over BL undertones really kinda childish how some were making a big deal over it lol
  2. DarkLordOfkichiku
    2011-07-29 11:49
    Heh, well, if you're into Ikoku Meiro no Croisée, then it's a gurantee that we'll encounter each other in that thread then .

    Hmm, "other things"? Now that sounds kinda omnious
  3. Arabesque
    2011-07-25 23:56
    Hi there ^^

    That's great I'm also watching the shows as well, but I'll most likely be more active on the Ikoku Meiro no Croisée thread the most, with the Sacred Seven second. No.6 I'm avoiding at the moment in fear of spoilers mostly and some other things

    Hope to see around them then
  4. DarkLordOfkichiku
    2011-07-23 12:32
    Ah, hello, back after a loong vacation here on my side ^^;;;.

    I plan to check out No.6. and Sacred Seven at least, when time so permits. I'm also currently watching Ikoku Meiro no Croisée. Can't say exactly when I will though, as I usually wait until there's at least a few episodes out before I start watching a show, plus that there's other things vying for my attention too XD . But if I watch'em and like what I see, I'll stroll into their threads here and say my opinion of'em .
  5. Arabesque
    2011-06-17 23:29
    Hopefully I run into you then around these two threads, since they are on my Fall/Future watch lists. Hopefully we can talk, since we hadn't done so since the days when Xam'd used to air haha

    Try checking nest season Sacred Seven, Penguin Drum or No.6. These look to be quite interesting, though will se what other surprises are in store.
  6. DarkLordOfkichiku
    2011-06-17 07:34
    Next season? Well, I don't really keep much of a close eye on exactly what's going to come out, so we'll see. Fate/Zero is one that will come this late summer/fall though AFAIR and tha tone I'll see. Dunno exactly when the next Ika Musume season will be out, but that's one I plan to watch as well. No other plans for any future anime watching, but if I spot something interesting on any of the review/preview sites, then I may pick something to watch (that's how I got into C - read about the first episode on a review site, thought it seemed kinda cool/promising, took a look and got struck with it ).
  7. Arabesque
    2011-06-17 02:10
    Thats strange, I should've ran into you sometime then since I frequent these forums as well. Well, at least your around the C thread, so I managed to see you.

    Watching anything next season?
  8. DarkLordOfkichiku
    2011-06-17 00:33
    Hmm? Oh... The manga & Light Novels section, mostly. Sometimes also in the Current Series sectiont oo...
  9. Arabesque
    2011-06-15 14:50
    Oh? but I haven't ran into you for about 3 years now, where might you have been hiding here?
  10. DarkLordOfkichiku
    2011-06-14 22:29
    Can't ever recall I've quite left

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