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Conversation Between wanwan1203 and Evil Rick
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  1. Evil Rick
    2009-05-09 02:06
    Evil Rick
    You're welcome!
  2. wanwan1203
    2009-05-09 00:25
    hey rick, thanks for that silly and funny pic on FFT (the one for my 1 year in FFT/AS) XD ^^
  3. wanwan1203
    2008-12-03 05:34
    thank you Rick!
  4. Evil Rick
    2008-12-03 01:08
    Evil Rick
    Happy Birthday Wan!

  5. Evil Rick
    2008-10-27 11:06
    Evil Rick
    Ugh, wana, I had alredy said that I think that StrikerS wasn't totally bad, I have said it several times, Tempest poost was insulting in all the ways you can look at it, if they didn't wanted to continue with the debate, they should just don'r reply at me, don't say that I was a thicky head and now that I speak "Rickspear"

    They are insulting me wana, and honestly, I don't know why, because I always replied them with respect and in a nice way
  6. wanwan1203
    2008-10-27 07:48
    hi Rick! ^^ ok let's try and calm down for a bit.

    no one is claiming to be the winner in this discussion. tempest, comartemis and the others are just trying to defend their claims with some facts.

    yes you never said "I'm right, you're not!" but you did say this in reply to tempest's calm if not exasperated post. ^^;; i don't think it was "pointless"...because tempest was trying to ask comartemis to stop arguing so that things will not escalate. it was also not sudden because the discussion which started on your post (#1909) has been going on for 2 pages.

    please do not be offended so much, they are not asking you to change your opinion. i understand that you don't like strikerS and that's fine. ^^ but please also understand that some of them like strikerS and that's fine too. right?
  7. Evil Rick
    2008-10-27 02:03
    Evil Rick
    Wanna, is the same, they are telling that I do not listen whe I actually was analising all their points and posting mines with a proper crtitisism, I was posting my opinions and backups but they suddenly say "Is pointless speak with him" And I do not know why, we were having a nice debat and suddenly Comar and Tempest just say that I was like a brick wall (And yes I know what does the expresion means) It was so suddenly and pointless that I was totally bumped, Did I ever sat and said "I'm right! You don't!" uh? Did I ever replyed them in an agresive way? Now thye claim themselves as the "winners" when we never acorde to begin a debat or something like that
  8. Evil Rick
    2008-06-08 10:30
    Evil Rick
    Thanks for adding me as friend

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