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Conversation Between wanwan1203 and markesellus
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  1. wanwan1203
    2009-08-19 10:43
    gahhh wow.. i just hope you're alright marky *hugs* good luck with backlog breaking! @,@
  2. markesellus
    2009-08-18 12:24
    Hi. Just got back from a trip and a long extended slump. Almost 6 months of backlog!?! ;.; Look forward to an eventual breaker from that in December. @.@
  3. wanwan1203
    2009-08-17 21:18
    i see you online markyyy *flails and glomps and huggles* i miss you ;-;
  4. markesellus
    2009-01-08 04:11
    Really belated! I have no time for IRC. ;.; Have a good trip back to the Philippines, unless you're already there.
  5. wanwan1203
    2009-01-07 13:46
    and a belated merry christmas and a happy new year to you too marky! ^^ *huggles*
  6. markesellus
    2008-12-25 04:55
    Merry Christmas Wan!
  7. wanwan1203
    2008-05-30 04:11
    Ah that we do, don't we? We'll certainly get along. I'm glad.
  8. markesellus
    2008-05-30 02:10
    No problem! Thanks for being for one! I figured we'd get along because we both like Mai-HiME/Otome, Nanoha, Maria-sama, Hana Kimi, Strawberry Panic, Last Friends and probably many other things.
  9. wanwan1203
    2008-05-30 00:44
    Thanks for adding me as a friend!

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