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Conversation Between wanwan1203 and Nikki the Kitty
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  1. wanwan1203
    2009-07-26 05:45
    wanwan1203 won't..bend? DX!!!!! nuuuuuu *tries to bend it* toe work! *bricked* owie... x.o!!
  2. Nikki the Kitty
    2009-07-25 20:00
    Nikki the Kitty
    Hehe I guess it's okay... I'm still kinda worried cause it won't bend o_o
  3. wanwan1203
    2009-07-25 07:20
    D: *rubs your toe* dang i hope it's ok now >.< be careful mou..
  4. Nikki the Kitty
    2009-07-20 02:08
    Nikki the Kitty
    Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooored! D: lol... I also hurt my toe yesterday on my cousin's playstation >_< It was really bleh x_X
  5. wanwan1203
    2009-07-17 19:58
    *bitten* nyaaaa! oi oi! i am fine and dandy. yourself? rarrrr ^^
  6. Nikki the Kitty
    2009-07-13 02:52
    Nikki the Kitty
    *bites wan's ear* :3 How are ya wan-mama! hehe xD
  7. wanwan1203
    2009-07-09 18:10
    *poked* hey you *hugs* glad to know you're alright. hope to hear from you again. and please laptop *pokes laptop to submission* work. take care kitten.
  8. Nikki the Kitty
    2009-07-08 23:28
    Nikki the Kitty
    *POkes* Wan i'm not dead! Don't believe the rumors! >_> Hehe, i'm out of state right now So I rarely have net time, still having issues with rl grr... but I'm able to use a laptop for AS... stupid thing cant handle mibbit for somereason, think it needs something liek divx activex or something liek that? I'll try and figure it out but for now... *hugs* Talk to you later wan-mama!
  9. wanwan1203
    2009-05-07 16:45
    *is poked by the nikki* o.<
  10. Nikki the Kitty
    2009-05-06 22:52
    Nikki the Kitty
    *pokes the wan*

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