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Conversation Between Pathis87 and Jeffry2009
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  1. Pathis87
    2009-05-16 09:15
    Hi, been absent for a long time on these boards because other stuff in my life have prio over forum trolling =p. Anyway i am currently watching Eden of the East and K-ON and that's it really. Looking forward to the 2nd rebuild of Evangelion OVA which comes out the 27th of June.
  2. Pathis87
    2008-11-20 11:50
    i am studying for my exams .
    kind regards -pathis87-
  3. Jeffry2009
    2008-11-14 12:13
    Excuse me, i need to send a regards to that 'Dann Of thursday' for me please. He's now look like My Psychatrist to me.
  4. Pathis87
    2008-11-12 11:02
    uhu jafri , i didn't quite get how setsuna and marina escaped from azadistan myself . It always seems funny when our virgo (Mr . bushido aka graham ) talks about his wet dream and how only he may battle against setsuna and the 00 . Next ep finally 00 in transam mode let's see what the 'god ' suite can really do and wth about soma and allelujah Oo .
  5. Pathis87
    2008-11-09 04:01
    yes arche actually , a greek angel name .
  6. Jeffry2009
    2008-11-08 22:06
    You know it's called ARC GUNDAM designed by INNOVATORS (SCREW THEM!!!).
  7. Jeffry2009
    2008-11-08 07:41

    You know What, If they some peoples Trying to be an MORONS i mean posting some NEG REP to my previous post, I'll be F*cked up i mean it's like i was angry after i've got a Vicious Red ring of Death of my XBOX 360 5 months ago. I mean it's getting annoying to me.

    Let me remind you, I've disabled my reputation since 5 months till now.......
  8. Pathis87
    2008-11-06 04:30
    Ali is back and he has come with a bang o.o . I am wondering how setsuna will get out of there :s , a normal shuttle against a throne isn't what you would call a 'fair ' battle so they might be shot down or raped down ( with the fangs ). Then there is maybe room for the Setsuna * marina moment when they realise what they mean to eachother since they are in denial right now .
  9. Jeffry2009
    2008-10-17 09:53
    how do you do? thank you for inviting me to that my kinda weird social group.

    Ok, Look at those pics and read some description. Was that make sense to you? Or else they really don't know what i'm talking about bcoz They thought my post was kinda 'Rushed'.
  10. Jeffry2009
    2008-09-29 09:59
    And yeah, i've feel nervous right now about this Sunday.

    But unfortunately i'll be gone for a Week because i'm going to back to my hometown this thursday for EID celebration. I've just hope if only they have an internet connection in there, i can still stay connected to you guys.

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