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Conversation Between Sports72Xtrm and Sol Falling
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  1. Sports72Xtrm
    2008-10-27 03:42
    Lol we're in for a lot of Kalulu fanboy hating for maintaining our Shirlulu wins stance. Not exactly what they want to hear but the facts speak for themselves....objectively.
  2. Sol Falling
    2008-09-26 04:03
    Sol Falling
    :P I've been a bit busy with school. It's a bit sad, because by now the Suzaku and Lelouch threads have gotten so far ahead that I couldn't possibly catch up within a reasonable period--those were really the best place for laying some verbal smackdowns. Fear not, though, I'm still here; I'll probably do some posting in the romance and episode discussion threads once this week's episode finally airs.
  3. Sports72Xtrm
    2008-09-24 16:56
    Yo Sol what up? Haven't seen you in any code geass threads for a while.
  4. Sol Falling
    2008-08-31 02:55
    Sol Falling
    Man, friend requests always feel so inpersonal. There was this one person who friend requested me who I've never even spoken to or seen post. :P Feels nice to socialize regardless.

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